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  1. yeah thanks well see how this goes
  2. anybody know where to get twin weber sidedraft manifold for a bigport bluetop 4age? or atleast bike carbs manifold? been emailing and lurking around for about a week now :( thanks in advance.
  3. solved the problem. went to the junk to pull out a 4afe dizzy. gutted it out except for the trigger wheel. cut it to fit and then its pretty much str8 bolt on. only problem is the bolt to hold the dizzy still.
  4. will email them. will 16v dizzy work on the 20v engine?
  5. will do thanks. thinking of getting a 16v dizzy to fit it. opinions??
  6. got the carbs fitted anyway. fitting an msd 6al2 non programmable for ignition. can't seem to get it triggered. I'm using the red and green wires from the distributor to feed the hall effect trigger wire for the box. no luck. help?
  7. ae86 struts brakes should work. not 100% sure on it tho. but i read a lot of people did ir already.
  8. looking to fit some weber 45 dcoe to a silvertop. can't find any manifold for it. they usually only sell manifolds for 16v. would the bolt pattern from a 16v manifold be the same as a silvertop 20v? thanks. and i know its a downgrade but not much people do it so ill do it..
  9. yeah bro been searching it up. as far as now i want the dizzy relocation kit and msd for ignition.well see what happens for the cooling lol.
  10. have a whole front end from an ae86 i want to put in my ke30 2 door. have a silvertop to put in too. will the crossmember be a straight bolt on? and will the engine mounts from a 2tc fit on the 20v?. i know the work to be done on the cooling system and fuel system(might just carb the 20v lol). have a friend to supply a tranny too, he probably has a rear diff too. also it looks like the front brakes from an ae92 would bolt on the ae86 brakes. I'm keeping the pitman arm setup on the suspension lol. hope it doesnt hit anything when i put the engine in. i also know i would need the tophat from a ke30 to put on the ae86 shocks/struts. still googling everything before even pulling these engines out.
  11. 280 duration 108 centerline backlash
  12. http://m.ebay.com/itm/171701492778?nav=WATCHING_ACTIVE would this work on stock rocker arms and pistons? really want to get this but not sure if it requires supporting mods for this. thanks for the input in advance :D
  13. ebay bro! lol and yeah bro it sucks to have one especially in some places its just scarce from old toyotas. but atleast ur the only guy with a old corolla in ur place. :D
  14. http://www.ebay.com/itm/OBX-Exhaust-Manifold-Header-For-1974-to-1982-Toyota-Corolla-1-8L-4Cyl-3TC-/201279860705?fits=Model%3ACorolla is this even worth it or any different than no names on ebay? are any major difference between no name and branded ones, hp flow and all that i know fitment sometimes is a little bit off.
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