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  1. Hey all, Recently bought my project sr rona just done the s13 front end suspension set up i was wondering whats the best for the rears from what ive been told its either hilux shock with commodore/falcon wagon spring or ae86 bc br adjustable shocks and springs? what are you guys running? Thanks in advance
  2. call up any engine recondition/machinist place I'm sure they can help you out man!
  3. yooo!!!! So time has came, car is finally in primer! woooooo! S13 front end is now in just needs minor adjustments!. Next on list is rear end suspension. Unsure what to run in the rear? been told hilux shocks with commodore/ford springs?
  4. hey mate i have them from my rona "St141" where are u located? i can post them out..
  5. haha mann i hate spiders!Ive already got all my s13 gear man ready to go! just need coil overs
  6. So i had a bit of rust on the front driver side quarter guard so i thought stuff bogging it up ill replace her with a new one! And look what i happen to found!!! damn i was in this car driving it around I'm guessing theres more inside the car!!! Car is almost fully sanded and ready for primer!!!! can't waitttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! till shes nice n clean
  7. it has factory breaks on it atm, was going to go with the s13 front end set up and use the sr turbo breaks n hubs buteveryone tends to diss the s13 set up for some reason so I'm just gonna go with the 86 coils..
  8. Wont be going with the sr20! been there done that with the silvias haha..
  9. Hey guys recently bought my third rona! I paid 200dollers for it body is super straight no filler in her at all! Planning to put a 3sge beams OR a hilux 3rz!!! into her or a sr20det vct as i already have the sr but from what ive read sr is more fvcking around!! so pretty sure ill be going with the 3sge pure n/a warrior ! Okay so firstly i put her on club rego yay!! Now full respray...Going with straight white. Then suspension... s13 lca coil overs tie rod etc.. But from what people say the s13 set up is shit? but its the cheapest option.. been told BC AE86 is probably my best option keep it toyota they say cost abit more but will it be worth it???? ......weld on front kit, cut standard struts and weld kit onto spindle, drill couple holes in your strut top, full AE86 BC kit and be done with it for around $1200 thats rear shocks and springs Also need help on break upgrades. Cheers.
  10. wtb s13 full front suspension conversion to suit a st141! with coilovers been told i need...... includes- s13 lca's (lock stops cut off) s13 knuckle/hubs s13 turbo brake/rotors s13 to toyota custom brake lines st141 steering rack aw11 rack ends s13 tie rod ends ????????
  11. and yes i googled http://www.toymods.org.au/forums/tech-conversions/18910-recipe-s13-coilovers-into-ae86-rwd-celica-corona-maybe-more.html best i could find......
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