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  1. Yeah another great weekend, as WRC always is, but only 27 entries in a world class event when all the roads are already closed and spectators are forced to sit around waiting... then make it invite only to only those who can afford it? We need to push for it to be a round of East Coast Classics with generic shared pace notes or even better... make it blind like a real rally with just a roadbook. Stop selling out our sport and passion. But anyway... we have news! We're building the rally car again! Our next event is our local forest... 9th March 2019 (3 months away) Wauchope Rallysprint for anyone who is still following haha :)
  2. Here's the famous Welsh's Creek 33km stage in-car from TRD KE70! A big shout out to Tony and Chris (and crew) who managed a second place outright (against many 4WD turbos with 3x the $$$) in this round of the Queensland Rally Championship last weekend at Rally Australia - Coffs Harbour!!! This is how they do it!!! There's another two vids they've put up next to this one too when you're finished watching this but need more KE70 4AGE gravel goodness!!! As Keith's updated - hopefully we'll soon have a workshop and our own 4AGE *E7* to run against you guys! We're aiming for next year - providing my scaphoid bone in my right wrist has finally healed!
  3. Lots of progress... Lucky someone's on the ball and takes some photos... Can't have our readers falling asleep Where's the rally car?! Isn't there meant to be a rally car?! I'm sure that's why I clicked here...
  4. Second that! Some more lights for the Woolshed at last!
  5. I must have forgotten to reply to this?! It was awesome to meet another Toyota enthusiast when I couldn't find my mates or our car haha :) Dad just put the Auto Action writeup on the Tilton Interiors Evo on the table too! I'm trying to find your build thread because I'm sure I remmember reading one on your Red AE71 years ago when I was trying to buy a 4AGE AE71 back in school... Tell me you're gonna give rallysprints a go with that spare Corolla shell? :) I've been flat out doing a 4A-GE conversion for my daily, just finished stripping the donor car... Then off to China for two weeks. Altezzaclub should be up at the start of next month and we can finally build a rally car!
  6. So clean. Love it. I wouldn't change a thing on it! :)
  7. Updates! Updates! Where are the updates?! :)
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