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  1. Do the KE20's have the same engine mounts as KE26's?
  2. Hey all, I've got a little KE26 wagon. The engine is currently on it's way out, and i want to set it up as a sleeper. I've been doing some research on which way to go with this, but as you might expect, there isn't heaps of info around on stuffing a hot little engine in there. I want to put in a turbo engine, or at least something powerful to start with. I don't really know what options I have. I'm not looking at redesigning the whole engine bay of the car, so I was wondering was engines would be somewhat 'bolt in' in terms of engine mounts. It's got a 3K in the car at the moment, so i was wondering if keeping with the K series engine is a good path to follow, or whether I might as well go for something later model. Any ideas, suggestions or experience would be great! Thanks a heap, Clancy p.s don't mind the flames, that was from when i was a kid ;)
  3. hi have you got any 3K engine crankshaft bearings? or a complete 3k motor?
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