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  1. I'm the same, day cruise sounds better, work takes up too much time
  2. Have you cranked it over yet? I'm in Bali at the moment, any thoughts on trying to find an electronic dizzy?
  3. ands its a bosch distributor, so will the hot spark work? will i need to put a nippondenso dizzy in and then convert it? Thanks
  4. thanks for your response, but is it vacuum-advance?
  5. Its an Auto at the moment but will be converting to manual shortly, if that makes a difference
  6. Or would it be easier instead of using the MSD 6AL to just use the Bosch Ignition module with the blaster Coil?
  7. Hey guys, I've been looking around through a few threads and can't quite seem to find the answer I'm Looking for. What I want to do is convert my points ignition to an electronic one, however, in preparation for a future engine build I'm looking at doing it with MSD gear. What I'm looking at are these; http://www.msdignition.com/Products/Coils/Stock_Replacement/8203_-_Blaster_2_Coil_w/Ballast___Hardware.aspx http://www.msdignition.com/Products/Ignitions/Daily_Driver/6425_-_Digital_6AL_Ignition_Control.aspx http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/toyota-3k-4k-5k-corolla-electronic-distributor-ke10-ke20-ke30-ke55-ke70-ke38-k-/111272845830 The car has a Bosch Distributor and changing the points often is giving me the [email protected]#$&, as the car starts to run rough. Looking through jackbyo's write up (http://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/46089-how-to-install-an-electronic-distributor/) will the same instructions still apply with the gear I'm looking at? And Is there anything I'm overlooking? Excuse the noobness, I was working on EFI dunnydores before making the switch. Cheers in advance
  8. Looking at that K50 you have there. Will that one fit into a KE70? Do you have Conversion parts? and Will you post to WA? Thanks, Braiden
  9. still got the box? will it need a rebuild? Cheers, Braiden
  10. Hey mate, still got the gearbox? is it a 5 speed or a 4 speed? Thanks, Braiden
  11. Hey There, have you still got the T50 box? Do you also have everything required for a ke70 manual conversion? And if you do, are you willing to pack it up for freight to perth? Thanks, Braiden
  12. I found the event On gumtree, so I'm not the organiser, but I hadn't heard of them, so I'll give them a like, maybe they'll know more
  13. Alright Perth RollaClub we need a better show up of Cars, Toyotas in the park was great yesterday, but I reckon we should get together more often and on the entry form for titp next year have that we represent RollaClub WA. How about we drag the cars out for a Car Cruise? http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/scarborough/activities-hobbies/oldschool-jap-cruise-03-11-13/1028596635 Meet at Scarborough Beach Car Park at 10:30 on November 3rd. Hope to see you guys all there. Perhaps we could get some stickers or something made up so we actually look like a group aha
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