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  1. Will check it out at work tomorrow :) Might have to drag the 30 out of the shed! Ill come say hi most likely anyway.
  2. Well today is the big day guys. To those who can't come ill see you next time. To those who do come ill see you soon. :)
  3. There is a guy in WA selling his ke10 project. He might have a parcel shelf, worth a shot really :) http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/swan-view/cars-vans-utes/ke-10-toyota-corolla-coupe/1048713023
  4. Dan is such a boss! I was quite happy to see Vettel celebrating with dan on the podium and then saying this is 'his day'
  5. Ok well for those of you who do want to come. We are going to meet at the Masters in Baldivis which is just off the freeway. This is so people don't have to digress to far to get to Rockingham. Looking to meet at 9:30-10am and leave be 10:30am. For those of you who can't come ill try organise somethign a bit smaller soon. :D Updated map from baldivis https://maps.google.com.au/maps?saddr=Kwinana+Freeway%2FState+Route+2&daddr=-32.5811035,115.8795461+to:-32.7163709,116.0712833+to:-32.835931,116.0897394+to:Waroona&hl=en&ll=-32.458791,115.97168&spn=0.492469,1.054001&sll=-32.464005,115.94696&sspn=0.49244,1.054001&geocode=FRSwEv4dIWfnBg%3BFRHaDv4dei7oBilBleY4Z2UyKjFAFGsmtfAEEw%3BFa7JDP4dcxvrBim__oXoiz8yKjGxM6wUOPYAEw%3BFaX2Cv4di2PrBikv7QV-qz0yKjFpKoB51XKoGw%3BFaXOCv4dCtfoBinLUK0AkhIyKjGA8XkkOPYABA&mra=dme&mrsp=0&sz=11&via=1,2,3&t=m&z=11
  6. Such a good build! Your fabrication skills are amazing too. Keep up the good work
  7. This definitly gave me goose bumps a few times. Watched it a while ago and I was in the same boat as Banjo. I pressed play just before I was about to go to bed to check out what the video was like and 45 minutes later I found myself wanting more!
  8. Sounds good to me 4agebj. Looking forward to it.
  9. Yeah I know the route might be a bit long for some. It truely is a good drive and its not just up and down the coast of perth *yawn* Hope to see the 67Rolla out though ;D
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