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  1. Update, this car was scrapped a few months later due to issues I was having at the time and I am going to try and sell a few parts here, a new corolla is going to happen soon wearing the registration plates rat 096. I will keep you updated.
  2. o.k. here I am, relatively new to the forum, first post. I was working for a vehicle restoration company early last year when I got offered this KE36 for sale, at the time I was 16 and although I was interested garage space at home was lacking, I joined this forumn however in the hope that one day the car would become mine and I could get some ideas, so here I am, year and a half later, about to get my p plates when I get a phone call asking me if I am still interested or she was going to the wreckers, well I couldn't let that happen could I?? $200 + $70 for a tow home and the car was in my possesion! I will try to post regularly as I move on, however garage space is tiny and I am still at school (year 12... Eeek, so time is an issue. Rear Shot? Interior, Magna/Commodore Seats? Roof Racks
  3. Last post was in February, what is happening??
  4. Sorry if I am being impatient, I just wanna see this thing finished and at the track.
  5. What Lights Are You Using Now?? when is the tidy up respray gon occur??
  6. Would you completely strip the KE38 and send me the shell?
  7. Nice doogs, are you cleared to drive by a doctor atm??
  8. boothi318


    Stock piling KE36 PARTS (WTB) ________ I am hoping I can source a complete interior for a ke36 wagon Plastic rear air vents Wagon Door Bonnet Front and rear doors Front Grille
  9. I so hope you get nominated for (and win) car of the year this year. Gotta love the KE38's
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