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  1. got to take it for a drive and she runs sweet :) spare engine on the stand and time to build a racey k motor .... i could put a big motor in it but i think I'm just going to go with a k series motor to keep the car in the theme of an ol school jappa..
  2. did a few hours yesterday and got most of the glass work locks and new rubbers in .... i pulled the rear leaf springs and had them reset and a extra leaf added to stiffen the rear a bit i will take some photos over the next week
  3. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/4-STAINLESS-PAIR-OF-UNIVERSAL-PEEP-MIRRORS-DOOR-EDGE-CHROME-DRIP-RAIL-HDWR-INC-/370634446908?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item564b88d83c
  4. the hood lining is in and looks awesome dash is all back together with a new dashmat .. I'm just waiting on a new set of door locks so i can put the doors back together.. Front and rear windows to do now... Ive been a bit busy painting the house but its time to get back into the car.. I will put up some new photos soon Ryan
  5. i think its fair to say i don't know what the hell I'm doing when it comes to installing the hood lining but ill take my time and do it carefully
  6. I need a set of lowering blocks for my ke 20 just to last a while until i get the springs reset .. anyone got a set for around the $100 mark? I'm happy to pay for postage.. Jap style diff btw.. Blogs here http://www.rollaclub.com/board/blog/5-visulis-ke-20-blog/
  7. a shot of the peep mirrors i got a few of the door rubbers and bits on now... painted the light surrounds 2k black ill post some photos of those tomorrow
  8. put the some of the chrome back on and added the flares .... flares look great :)
  9. Side draft weber arrived today and the cars on a trailer outside my work ready to go home should see some real progress over the next few weeks ... first mission put the new hood lining in and put all the windows back in ...
  10. after a long time my car is finally fully painted i have a new hood lining and full rubber kit to go in now the big reassemble :)
  11. the wheels are rota grid classics 16 x 8 +-0 4 x 114 stud pattern If anyone reads this and can help with a few parts id be very thankful. window wiper setup front windscreen as mine was cracked outer door handles wouldn't mind the front brake set-up off a ke30 and 2 rear axles and brake setup as well :)
  12. Can any one help with some lowering blocks for a ke20? or reset rear springs?

    1. DMiguel


      where are you from?

      I'm in canberra and i can reset springs for $100

  13. Well i have done all the inside and under the bonnet in these photos .... will start my blog from where i am at now.. Got the flares. New brakes all round. Got a KA Laser Master Cylinder but its not in yet. Got a set of racing seats and new Black carpet
  14. Clean the engine bay up to perfection and primed ready for paint
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