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  1. yeah i was trying to find a 5k but couldnt
  2. hi, just wondering if anyone has done an engine conversion with an 18R in a ke35 and how hard the swap was?
  3. ok well i will look a little harder thanks guys
  4. yeah they look nice.... my rims and tires sit out about an inch in the front i think they are 8 and they sit fine inside the back so I'm not sure whether to roll the guards increase the camber or put a set of these on there
  5. What did you do with that motor? and you can get a 4k board and its the same as a 5k?
  6. Hi, just wondering if anyone knows if you can get chrome flares or a set of good looking flares for a ke35
  7. that was a thought but i couldnt find any in nsw with a price tag that was way over the top...
  8. and the reason behind it was to get slightly mor hp and not have to get it engineers certified depending on how different it looked...
  9. Ok thanks, what is the best or easiest to getmotor to swap a 3k for?
  10. Hey does anyone know if a 3k or 4k head will fit on any of the newer 1.6 liter engines and how many mods and how hard it would be to get in a ke35
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