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  1. Like in the subject, anyone ever checked? Weight of bare chassis with doors, bonet, trunk. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for reply guys. Liftbacks are super rare in Oz but you can find few for sale every year in various condition. Different size and dimensions of the doors is my worry as well. Need to dig deeper if something like this is possible. Japanese import of frog eye coupe would be too expensive :/
  3. Hi everyone I'm new here on rollaclub.com and wanna begin my adventure with classic Corollas. I have some project on my head that I'd like to get advise on. Basically I was wondering if KE55 Liftback and KE55 Coupe have the same bolts patterns so it's possible to swap their front ends: hood, guards, grill, headlights etc from liftback to coupe). Frogeye Coupe was avaulavble only in Japan but I'd like to make my own here in Oz. Tanks in advance for your replies! Cheers Peter
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