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Found 17 results

  1. Hey, Looking at selling my AE92 SX SECA when I get my AE71 roadworthy. What would be a reasonable price? The cars done 140,000km~ is dead stock, 5 sp manual and in very good condition. I'd post photos but my phones screen died yesterday. I'll upload them when it's been repaired. But for now I'll just describe the things that need attention: Rims need a new clear coat as it's peeling, rear doors have tiny rust spots(1 on each door) on the edge(1cm if that) and the rear spoiler has very minor damage. Haven't done it yet but I'll be polishing the whole car.
  2. So I’m swapping a 4AGZE out of an AE92 Corolla and dropping it into a less bent AE92 that used to have a 4AFE mounted in there. It appears that the 4AGZE was mounted a little dodgily (fits with the rest of the car) and the Right hand side (timing cover) engine mount appears to have been cut off the inside of the guard and this abortion fitted, pics to follow. I’ve done a little bit of research, enough to realize that the ZE installation appears to be dodgy and that I should be able to use a 4AGE mount and drop it into the new shell. Looking up ToyoDIY though, Toyota have different part numbers for the 4AGE mounts and the 4AFE mounts. There are also different part numbers for the bracket that bolts to the engine. I would have thought they were all the same, given they are all based on a 4A block, and some info I found while googling appears to agree with this view, people claiming you can drop a GE into a corolla using the FE mounts. But, thought I’d throw it out there, has anyone else looked closely at this and worked out if there is a real difference in the mounts ? Perhaps someone has a pic of the 4AGE mount and bracket that they can post up. I’ll post some photo’s of the 4AFE mount that I currently have. I’m sure I can make it fit with the FE mount, but if it’s not as strong or whatever then I’ll do it right this time round, rather than having to pull the mount further down the track. As always, any help appreciated.
  3. Toyota Corolla AE92 Wagon Duck Tail Making https://youtu.be/sgbLBYLgjsg https://youtu.be/OshyNZe165I
  4. Toyota AE82 Grill Making https://youtu.be/JkvLh8_E01I https://youtu.be/khKEjVOCYxY https://youtu.be/JmKut3Y49wQ https://youtu.be/7-rG_R5JMeg https://youtu.be/fqrH-Aezo8o
  5. Toyota AE92 Wagon (EE98) Ducktail Making
  6. How to duplicate Toyota AE92 Side Mirror Cover https://youtu.be/RMZ6jOWJvBU
  7. The build thread for my 4AGZE powered AE95 Toyota Corolla 4WD wagon. My AE95 Social Media Landing Page {Intro + Purchase} I purchased my 1989 Toyota Corolla AE95 SR5 AWD Wagon in June 2006. I found it on eBay (where else :P) and paid a tidy sum of $500 for it. Saved from the scrap yard. It had a non-existent clutch, a couple of smallish dents, a/c gasless, no rego and the red paint was completely faded. Apart from those few minor things it was fairly straight all round. At that time I had already shopped around trading post etc. and I found the average price for a decent AE95 was $3000 so really I was happy with what I got. The main reasons for indulging in this form of conversion/artform was; 1. the fact it was not very common, 2. being able to take it soft roading on the beach on the weekends and 3. choosing an ugly car and doing it up 😛 {Repairs + Blue slip} First up on the fix list was the clutch. Begun was the search for a temporary clutch. Pricing a new clutch kit proved not to be an option as it would only be used for like 250kms. So I placed a WTB thread on a few forums. Toymods came through and I picked up a 4agze clutch and pressure plate from an ae92 with plenty of meat. Thanks Clint! (peter costello on the forums). Now the task to replace the clutch…. I soon realised why I got the wagon cheap. The previous owner must have realised once the clutch gave up the cost to replace it wasn’t worth it. What a bitch it is to remove the gearbox. I found out later that the Toyota workshop manual recommends removing entire motor to change clutch and gives a removal and replacement time of 12 hours. Whoa…. Silly me removed the gearbox with the motor still in the car 😛 After the clutch fitted and working all sweet I went over the car and fixed/serviced all the safety things. I then took it in for blue slip… the fellas went over it did a brake test and all the necessary checks. They ended up informing me I had movement in the steering rack -> worn out rack end. They were nice enough to let me fix it then bring it back to sign it off. Finally I had it registered and I could sink deeper into my project.
  8. Thought I's post some belated build photo's of my AE92 Khanacross car, There's not a lot of information out there for them, so could be a helpful resource to people contemplating this path in the future. I was fortunate to get this ex-roadcar from a guy at work, who had spent a bunch of money on it with the wrong people, and become disenchanted with it. Originally he wanted quite a bit of money for it, but I managed to eventually prise it from him for not a lot at all. It still had it's issues, faded paint, dents poorly repaired, rust, horrible wiring with a typical boyracer stereo and lowered suspension.W When it first arrived. Start stripping everything out, I'm not going to use any of it. Body deadening gone ! Dry ice is a real saver here. Stripped several cars of their bog, and this was by far the easiest. Heap the ice on for a while till you see it get all frosty and then bash it with a big rubber mallet, the floor flexes a bit and the bog breaks off. Dodgy brake lines... didn't count on that. Suspension wasn't lowered, it was just rooted !! Coil bound Don't know what this was about, but was in both rear shocks
  9. HEY GUYS, Here is my 1991 AE92 Corolla Auto. The car was partly a gift for me , i always wanted a Corolla and was suprised when i was given this one. I am currently doing it up on a budget as i am a student at TAFE. It isn't the best but i am trying to do it up as best i can :) MODS SO FAR; Chrome grille off an AE92 Seca LED parking lights pink speaker cages pink hubcaps black door handles (Still have to spray the back ones) Nightshaded taillights Sub & Amp White Wing Mirrors MODS I WANT TO DO ; New stereo spray paint headlights (the insides) touch up chipped paint colour code bumpers get rid of the trolley strips Spray some of the interior. Custom door inserts Lower it LED Strips for interior The upper model boot garnish FIND A DRIVERS SIDE HEADLIGHT COVER lol, only have 1 - If anyone has one let me know :) Boot spoiler Front bumper lip side skirts New Exhaust - Louder or deeper note. That's it so far. I came here to get advice and helpful Criticism so if you can help with ideas it's greatly appreciated :) THANK YOU :-)
  10. HEY GUYS, Here is my AE92 Corolla Auto. The car was partly a gift for me , i always wanted a Corolla and was suprised when i was given this one.
  11. Hey guys! I've been having a bit of idle issues for a while now, before i had my major service my car would idle at around 1.5-2k RPM, ever since its been running smoother and alot lower at around 400-550RPM, which is too low - almost to the point where it cuts out, not to mention the slight feathering i have to do to get going which can't be great for my clutch. Anyways maybe my TPS is off its mark and was wondering 1) How do i check? 2) What value should it read? 3) How do i adjust it if its off? Thanks a million!
  12. Hello, I recently bought a set of Axis OG Sans, off JDMYard, theyre 15/ 8" rims, pretty crazy as i have a corolla AE92 to throw them on... So my dilemma came the other day when it came to put tyres on. I originally opted for bridgestone RE002's, sizing of the tyre was a bit hard considering the car and rim size. So finally set on 195/50/15's as i had test fitted a Falken in the same size, which worked. So the day came to put the tyres on, i come in saturday morning to put them on the car, and the tyre company told me the sidewalls were too stiff to fit over the offset =/ so my real question is, can i please get some help with tyre brand, size and possibly better solutions to this. Photo of the rim with the Falkens on.
  13. Hey guys, so I checked my car in (AE92 GTi) for a mech. inspection today, i've had it for about two years now, always ran a little rough, but i kept it nice and serviced well over the years. So the mechanic comes back with this; can I please get some feed back on this? whats important, my guess is the leaks, he didnt figure out why my front end knocks, its a weird thing to describe, it happens when i put down power - not necessarily flat footing - but moderate acceleration, its a very rapid knock, almost like a driveshaft knock of some sorts, its not CV's because i do the full lock turn and no ticks, so if anyone has had a similar issue it would be much appreciated! here are some pics of the report and my car :)
  14. Hey guys, I have an AE92 gti corolla I'm working on, I was wondering if anyone had, or knew of any places that had the matching white with red pinstripe bumpers. Its obviously been in a fender bender before with the previous owner, and has the barina black bumper with purple pinstripe - looks tacky. I'm in the South West in Bunbury, not sure if any ones from around here :) will put pics up soon!
  15. Just purchased a bonnet from an import AE92 Corolla with the expectation that it would bolt up to the Australian spec AE92. Unfortunately a quick inspection reveals some differences particularly around the lights, but I haven't got the car assembled enough to be sure. Just wondered if anyone's been thru this before ? Worst case I'll rip the scoop off and attach it to the Aus spec bonnet, it's only for a khana car.
  16. Had a search and found a little about the bumper differences between Series 1 and Series 2 Corolla's, but haven't found much more. The car I've currently got is Jun 92 and according to the local Toyota parts interpreter there was a change sometime around mid 91, where the indicators get a different part number. The indicators for my model aren't available in australia and if they were they'd cost ~$160 each. Noice ! So that means we're back to looking at Taiwanese knock-off's or second hand units. So... do the earlier lights fit the later model ? What other differences in headlights and whatever are there ? The other corolla I had was mid 91 as well, so not real sure whether it was before or after the change over, but everything looks the same, just don't want to be caught out by a subtle difference.
  17. Hi folk, I hope some one can help me. In the process of making my AE92 a nicer car, I have come across a problem that I can't get my head around. Here are the details. The plate reads. TOYOTA COROLLA SECA ENG - 4A-FC MODEL - AE92 - LH LFA-PS TRANS - A131L BUILT - 07/90 CAP - 1587..... and so on. What's puzzling me is the cover on the engine. Whats going on there? Is that cover a ring-in? It reads "Toyota 16 Valve EFI". Is there a stamp on it somewhere I can look, so I can confirm the type of motor this car has got, and I can get the right parts. If any one can help me it would be very much appreciated.
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