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  1. I will definitely clean out the tank and look into getting a new one depending on what i find inside mine
  2. I don't know how much hose, i haven't been under the car yet (I assume the original amount) There a lot of black (very dark brown) gunk in the filter
  3. It's... ALIVE!! So I charged the battery and gave it a start, after a few disheartening tries it spluttered into life. I guess it was just that the fuel line was clogged but i'm sure the new distributor doesn't hurt. It idles a bit rough but i haven't timed it with a timing light yet (as i don't have one) so that will happen in the near future and will hopefully clear that up. I've also turned it off and on again just to make sure and will again tomorrow from cold start. Thanks everyone so much for your awesome help! I'd still be scratching my head wondering whats wrong if it weren't for the expert guide and suggestions on here
  4. Good idea Altezzaclub, i need to take the tank out eventually anyway as it's in the way of some rust repair I need to do, so I'll be sure to do that aswell
  5. I agree Parrot, i would have never gotten this far on the facebook group (as good as it is), Anyway, so I tested the fuel pump and it seems to be working fine, i checked the fuel filter and it has a fair bit of crap in it so i might replace that anyway, and I blew down the fuel line and had my brother listen at the fuel tank, it was very difficult at first but suddenly got easy as if i had dislodged something that was clogging the line, so i connected it all back up and pumped the fuel pump by hand and fuel is now coming out (hopefully this is the good news I need). Unfortunately, thanks to turning over the engine so much the battery is now flat so i'll have to wait till tonight to charge it and see if the engine works.
  6. Ah thanks
  7. Ah, I didn't see Banjo's post, try that first Edit: I looked at the pump and there is no lever to pump by hand
  8. I've put 98 Octane in it (that's what the owners manual suggests), and it's a mechanical pump I think I'll just replace it with a new one
  9. So I unplugged the fuel line to the carburetor (pictured) and started the car, not a drop of fuel came out, I'm assuming this is the problem. Should I just replace it?
  10. I took the spark plugs out (connected to the leads) and examined them while the engine was cranking, all 4 were sparking
  11. Thanks SloRolla, I have checked the fuses and all look good. I'll try and find a wiring diagram for my engine to hook the ballast resistor up
  12. Thanks Banjo, I installed the distributor a couple of days ago and made sure to line the rotor up with the first piston at TDC so as far as that goes I think its lined up, however i will try your suggestion and if its not then reinstall it. the spark plugs should all be fine as i replaced them recently. I haven't measured the voltage on the coil, I assumed it was fine as i know the spark plugs are igniting. Also, the previous owner has put in an aftermarket coil and completely bypassed the ballast resistor. I'll try that all and get back to you
  13. So i'm very new to the car scene and thought that an old corolla is both cool and a good car to start with due to the simplistic engine, i'm learning as i go. Anyway I bought a 1976 ke30 a few weeks ago in very rough condition but it was running when i bought it however i cannot get it starting now, it will cranks but no ignition. I figured it had to do with the distributor and ended up replacing it but the engine still does not start. So following the rule of "all you need to start the engine is a spark, compression and air/fuel mixture" i think it may be something to do with the fuel side of things as when it cranks you can here the compression of the pistons (and I've already replaced the dizzy), any idea what could be wrong? It's a 3k 1.2L engine, as far as i can tell its all stock other than the dizzy and coil Thanks in advance!
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