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  1. Cheers mate yeah that will be the plan. I also tried fitting to the car and the turbo hits the strut I need to move it further forward and up a little higher that is today's task :)
  2. Ok I have done the other 2 pipes now. and made a bracket to hold the turbo (for mounting reasons only) I will now take the turbo and bracket to the car with engine still in there to make sure it fits. I have a feeling looking at it however it wont fit and will have to make adjustments but that is ok. I have also drilled and tapped in the oil return line into the timing chain cover. I think this will work nicely.
  3. Ok I know I haven't made any update for a while now have had a bit going on. I will get this up to date soon. Today i stared to mock up the exhaust manifold pipes to the turbo. now before you all laugh yes its plastic pipes and cardboard once I have it where i want I will take it to the exhaust shop and get them to make it up for me.
  4. Hey I have set of 4:1 extractors that are heat wrapped with complete exhaust from my ke70. please see attached pic. located in Brisbane North side. but can get to gold coast. Looking for $200. need to keep project going.
  5. Do you know what power it makes?
  6. thanks mate but got 4 in good condition now. Cheers
  7. Hey I got 3 windows for sale they all have slight tint on them. I have the 2 front windows and back left window. I live on the Goldcoast but work in brissy. make an offer? not sure what they are worth lets say $50 ONO. Cheers.
  8. glass isnt needed can you send me pics of the doors very intersted in the 2 right doors but thinking of lookin at all 4 maybe can text me pic if easier. 0429472081
  9. hey mate the right rear door? is it ok? how much you want for it?
  10. seriously no one has a back right door they want to sel me????
  11. Hey guys I am looking for 2 doors right door (drivers side) Back door is a must i need that one for sure and also looking for the front if I can find a good one! would prefer beige but any lighter colour is best. Cheers Corey
  12. thanks altezza I was going to suggest that he spoke to you if he needs any help you helped me out heaps with them originally. Cheers Jim.
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