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  1. Have you made a move on the side mount of Gumtree??
  2. Reed, also have a look around for an ARC side mount for an R32 / R33 they are meant to be 100mm thick I believe. Every now and then they pop up and people are always giving them away cause the price of a china front mount makes them nearly worthless
  3. Series 1 C34 Stagea (RB25DET Series 2 from and R33 GTST) Series 2 C34 Stagea - These vehicles particularly the WGC34 have an R34 GT-T engine RB25DET NEO and drive train with S14/15 front and rear steering and suspension C34 Stagea 260RS (R33 RB26DETT, altessa 4wd etc etc) These run a front mount intercooler just like the GTR's The stages's vins the key to knowing what they have as per the below chart Chassis Code Model Name Engine Size Drivetrain E-WGC34 X AERO SELECTION 2500 2WD E-WGC34 X 2500 2WD E-WGC34 RS AERO SELECTION 2500 2WD E-WGC34 RS 2500 2WD E-WGC34 G 2500 2WD GF-WHC34 X 2000 2WD GF-WHC34 G 2000 2WD E-WGNC34 X FOUR AERO 2500T 4WD E-WGNC34 X FOUR 2500T 4WD E-WGNC34 RS FOUR V AERO 2500T 4WD E-WGNC34 RS FOUR V 2500T 4WD E-WGNC34 RS FOUR AERO 2500T 4WD E-WGNC34 RS FOUR 2500T 4WD E-WGNC34 X FOUR AERO 2500 4WD E-WGNC34 X FOUR 2500 4WD E-WGNC34 RS FOUR 2500 4WD E-WGNC34 G FOUR 2500 4WD E-WGNC34 260RS Autech Version 2600 4WD
  4. It depends if it a Series 1 C34, they have the head lights and driving lights in the one light assembly made from 1996- late 1998 the Series 2 C34 has the head light separate from the driving lights/ high beam and they are located in the grill. I have a Series 2 C34 Stagea dayz edition. It has from the factory a 80mm side mount intercooler.
  5. look for a C34 Stagea cooler, they are the same as the R34 items
  6. Any update :wootjump: :wootjump: :groupwave:
  7. What is the colour?, by the way the car look fantastic. Excellent job
  8. take a fridge magnet with you mate and check the seals for bog.
  9. SOLD I am selling a KE70 in very good condition as well it advert can be found here ------->http://www.rollaclub...ock-ke70-sedan/
  10. I have cleaned all that last night. The carby stripped down soaked in fuel for 24 hrs then I cleaned it with carby clean and compressed air. I paid particular attention to the idle circuit, jets and venturies of the carb. The engine manual specifically mentions that if the idle mixture screw is damaged by being screwed to far in against the seat, ie creating a circular impression on the taper that it is to be replaced.
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