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  1. Hey Guys, My GF's car has a nice little warm 3k in it, with a 3kb Head, a lumpy cam, and some commodore valve springs etc. I've got a set of the OE Twin Aisian (spelling) to suit the 3kb inc a manifold... which has had the water inlet/outlet damaged. Firstly i need to get the carby's re built, and i am looking for someone to help me either rebuild and tune them too. anyone's help here would be appreciated. I can do EFI... but carby's aren't my friends. Hit me up, if you can help. Andy.
  2. Love this car... Good Luck with the sale Adam. I'm Interested in buying your wheels/rubber if you're interested in seperating.
  3. The Club rego isnt transferrable. You'd need to organise a permit to drive it home. Once the car is Sold i will have to remove the plates. It does mean that you can dtest drive the car when you are over should you require it, before you buy, but i cannot transfer it into your name.
  4. can't Se why not... I've had them on a number of cars here in VIC with no hassles from anyone... Even after an 86DC meet was met with a bunch of the PoPo, they couldnt fault my AE71 that hat them on it. If you're worried i have the OEM Side Mirrors you can put back on for a RWC, should you want to do that. eitherway, come and buy my car... its a little ripper.
  5. bump... Will Take $2000 with the wheels. will seperate wheels, if you like them. they are IMPUL mesh, 15x7 +20 with wrapped in Bridgestone RE001 with 80% tread $700
  6. Hi Guys, Up for sale is my 1981 Toyota Corona RT132 Lift back. Metallic Brown Pain in EXCELLENT condition (minus one patch of rust) Red Velour Interior with OEM Cassette Deck, which is fully functional. Tacho Dash, and electrics are all fully functional the electric antenna still goes up and down, however recently some oxygen thief bent the antenna. 18rc engine is in excellent condition, and the 5spd and Diff are also in excellent condition. Car is currently registered on Club Plates so you are more than welcome to take it for a test drive. True to its word, it was a genuine little old lady 1 owner car, that had been off the road for about 4 years, as the original owner had her license taken from her. The car has some very minor scrapes. Click this link to see some more detailed pics of the rust, but also some of the great points like the interior and the paint. https://www.dropbox....Corona?h=abeb27 At some stage in her life, the car, had been in a front end collision, which requires a new radiator support , and subsequently, the fitted the more handsome Sedan Single Square headlight design. The Fuel Pump wasnt working so i fixed it, along with a few other niggles, and she is just such a beaut car to drive. I'm Building up a track car, so this gem has to go. $2000 ono. Wheels pictured can be included at an extra charge, however i do have original steel wheels with Rubber 98% Tread I also have Spare headlights, and Grill plus the original side mirrors Phone me or message me to arrange a time to see the car. 0413482844
  7. i'll try and get my white car down for a sprint... i've never run a 1/4 mile timed before.... could be interesting
  8. I'll def take you up on that offer Adam. Would be good to see done pics of rt132 lowered on the ktfl and ktrl combo... If anyone has done it, post away!
  9. Hey Guys... Looking for a solid Answer to a compatibility question. What kind of Spring options do i have that would suit my RT132, i want to lower it about 50mm. I get that they use the same setup as the RA40 Celica and the XT130. looking for some answers... thanks guys. Andy.
  10. can help you identify the gearbox if you send me some pics... of the breather and the Passenger side driveshaft area
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