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  1. The three door jewelery .....bars etc are very collectable. They may not be worth money complete but there are international peeps looking for the early parts. Pm me and i'll give you the run down. I have 2 early civics and an early accord. Bamboo
  2. Ebay item number 191119576434
  3. Update at centre road 2 ke55 - one complete with house paint 1 very crunched ksev Ms 50 crown 1 ae93 twin cam. Mostly complete.
  4. Bamboo


    It 's back. Daihard with a hair dryer. Carby has an awful flat spot and the idle is everywhere. I've ordered a carby kit and should be here next week. Still running the non turbo exhaust as the 2" one that came with it had a massive hole in the muffler. Another thing on the to do list. Oh and get tyres fitted to the turbo wheels. Stud pattern? 4x110 Thanks for the comments Ben. The front frowny nose on the white one is longer. I found this out the hard way when I tried to fit the turbo front sway bar.
  5. Bamboo


    There's been a bit of action in the garage. Engine is in and running. Biggest drama was the electric fuel pump relay. Non Turbo's have a mechanical pump. I figured I'd swap engine looms. Turns out the loom had completely different plugs in the back of the fuse box. So with the help of the Gregorys Manual I spliced the connector into the original loom. All running and has been road tested. Now I'm tackling the interior. Although I thought this'd be a straight bolt in there are so many little differences between series 1 and series 2, it's driving me nuts. Still, Xmas holidays may as well be used fixing old cars! Oh and check the bonnet hinge on the donor car. Very out of square.
  6. Centre road update Ksev manual highcam sedan. Mostly complete. Hit in the front. Rt104 corona. Complete. Has eyebrow (external sunvisor) 2uz supra. Happy hunting. Bamboo
  7. Centre road update. Nothing k. An ae95 wagon was the only thing of Toyota interest. The forklifts were doing alot of clearing. From experience Christmas always bring new stock.
  8. Bamboo


    It's taken over a year. New house and new cars. I was playing Hondas and then this came along. Factory Turbo Charade. Guy I bought it off had no idea. Stopped running and he left it in his driveway for a year. The problem. Points had closed up. Wacked in a new set a boom. Engine and turbo are sweet. Body has had obvious repairs and seemed too good too be true. It was. Looks like it's been cut and shut. Rust in the drivers rail. When I had it on stands the drivers door wouldn't close! The Plan? Drop the running gear and interior into the silver Charade.
  9. Sorry, no. Just buy the box from me. The shifter is worth as much as the box. Bamboo
  10. My friend from Ceylon, you just don't give up. The prices are what I stated in the beginning. That is my only price. If I don't get it, they will stay in my shed. Sorry, I don't export overseas. For eveyone else, enjoy the posts and bump.
  11. No. Please use the rollaclub message service if you want to low ball me. Answer is no. $250 is firm.
  12. My brother broke his fan belt a few weeks ago in his '38 and was stuck on the side of the road. Womble1972 saw the rollaclub sticker on the back, picked him up, drove him to a parts shops and drove him back. Club power. Me and my brother owe the man a few beers. Thanks again. Bamboo
  13. The ke30/55 box will bolt up with no issues. I did the conversion on my brothers '38. If you make the arrangements I'll drop the box at a depot in Dandenong for freight. Bamboo
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