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  1. been a couple years, any updates?
  2. Looking to get back into corollas I'm located in SA but will consider all interstate options. Picture is of my old one.
  3. post is two years old - what do you reckon?
  4. 13inch charcoal watas and BEAMS 3SGE with ITBs..... i would cry with happiness if you made that happen.
  5. how small of a 4x4? I have a Suzuki lj80? haha
  6. yes i know, but there's no coil spring for an adjustable platform to work with that's not how leaf springs work. can you get some photos up of the rear suspension please because i think you're confused about what's happening. (just for good measure, i am interested in the car)
  7. but wagons have leaf springs in the rear...
  8. what sort of price would you be chasing for engine/gearbox/ecu/loom package? and any receipts for rebuild? feel free to PM me.
  9. hey dudes and girls i just got this as part payment for my cressida but there's a 4x4 for sale that i want, so as much as it pains me to sell this (as it's a dope little car) here it is. 1990 Ford Festiva (same everything as 85ish Mazada 121) just clicked over 180,000km. runs like clockwork, 1.3L SOHC is surprisingly zippy. absolutely charming little car, gets 500km to a tank and costs $40 to fill up. i've done 150km in the 12hrs i've owned it because i love it so much and it's barely used a quarter of a tank haha. 4x114.3 PCD which is awesome. currently has 13x5.5 TOM's racing wheels with brand new tread. has a very extensive audio set up consisting of - fly speakers in front, pioneer 3 ways in the rear, pioneer champion series sub in ported box, pioneer 4 channel amp, pioneer headunit (top of the range one) it's the loudest, cleanest sounding stereo i've ever heard and is incredibly loud in such a small car haha. has a momo steering wheel and gearknob too. time for the photos - $2000 firm, stereo is worth over half the asking price and the wheels are worth $500 odd. PM or text me if you're keen! 0402 1717 55
  10. wanting a full panelvan front, guards, lights, bonnet, basically the entire front section of the car. don't need chrome front bar though as i already have one. will look at interstate sellers but would prefer local (SA). pictures for reference -
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