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Found 1,090 results

  1. ke30 driver

    Ke30 Ke35 Ke50 Ke55 Parts

    Need to clear out my shed. I'm located in Adelaide but happy to post Have ke30 ke35 ke50 ke55 parts Brake booster ke55 $40 Manual pedals $60 4 speed box $40 Ke30 lcas $50 Ke55 grills $75 Manual consoles $50 Leaf springs $20 Front struts and brakes $50 Ke30 ke55 4 door sedan glass $10piece Ke55 coupe doors $75 Ke50 Gaurds $50pair Ke50 lift back hatch $50 Ke55 xx 13inch wheels $100set Ae71 14inch alloys $100set Ke30 centre wheel caps $50set Ke55 centre caps $40set Ke35 woodgrain wheel $100 Dash clusters $20
  2. For Sale: Mega Ke25 Parts Sale Ke25 Grills / Ke25 Taillights ALL THIS STUFF WAS FOR MY KE25 BUT CIRCUMSTANCES CHANGE SO EVERYTHING HAS TO GO UNFORTUNATELY!!! FIRST IN FIRST SERVE!!! STILL MORE PARTS TO COME SOON FROM FARM!!!! FULL LISTING COMING SOON!!! - MIKUNI SOLEX CARBS + JDM TWIN CARB MANIFOLDS - REBUILT 4K - KE25 STEERING WHEELS - NEW DASH PAD - KE25 SHELL - KE25 INTERIOR - BRAND NEW KE25 WINDSCREEN - AFTERMARKET RUBBER KIT - KE25 Hubcaps - Spare Front Guards - AND MORE Location: Adelaide, SA Contact: PM or 0421 758 655 3. Turbosmart Fuel rail adapter suit startlet/evp - $20 4. Genuine KE25 Gear-knob (have shift-pattern plate somewhere) - $20 5. JDM Orange Indicator Lenses - $120 7. Pair of KE25 Corner Garnish HAVE CRACKS - $180 8. Deluxe KE25 Dash - $50 9.KE25 Steering wheel NO CRACK IN WOODGRAIN BUT HAS CRACKS IN BACKING - $200 10. Genuine KE25/TE27 Door Rubber HAVE TO CHECK WHAT SIDE - $140 11. NOS 3K Ignition Leads - $50 12. K gearbox gasket kit - $50 13. NOS Genuine KE2# Clutch cable 1 - $100 16. NOS K Starter Motor THING - $30 17. NOS KE20 Reflector - $40 18. NOS Side Indicator - $50 19. NOS Interior Light Cover - $50 20. NOS Oil Cap - $25 21. NOS JDM Fender Mirror (Corona) - $100 23. NOS 1K/2K Waterpump - $50 25. NOS KE25/TE27 Fender Mirror RARE AS - $250 27. NOS Door Lock Mechanism - $80 30. KE25/TE27 SR Badge - $85 31. KE25/TE27 Sprinter Badges 1 IS MISSING PINS - $180 32. KE20/KE25/TE27 Grill Badge - $25 Each 33. Radio Blank Plate - $50 34. KE25/TE27 Boot Badge - $120 35. KE25 Grill Badges PINS BROKEN - $45 each 36. KE25 Deluxe Badges PINS BROKEN & DAMAGED - Good Set - $50 - Bad set - $25 37. KE25 Rear Vents ALL damaged except one, I think only 1 set - NEED TO CHECK 38. KE25 Deluxe Boot Badge 1 PIN BROKEN - $80 39. Toyota Boot Badges Various conditions - undecided on price - Corolla badges, some have no pins or 1 pin - $15 each 40. NOS Rear Number Plate Light - $50 41. NOS KE25 Taillight Reflector ORANGE RARE - $80 43. NOS Lock and Key set - $120 44. KE25 ashtray's - $45 each 45. KE25 Ashtray surround has been repaired on the end slightly but best ive seen, have another one I think- $80 46. KE25/KE30 Sumitomo Brake Pistons and Seal Kit - $70 47. NOS KE2#/TE2# Inner/outer tie rod assemblies - $250 48. Superpro bush kit for KE2#/TE2# - $250 49. KE25/TE27 Taillight Reflectors - Only sold with taillights at this stage 50.KE25 Taillights VARIOUS CONDITION FROM EXCELLENT TO VERY BAD - $100 to $250 a Set 51. KE25 Grills ALL GOOD CONDITION JUST DIFFERENT COLOURS, RARE - $250 each 53. 2TG/18RG Airbox MISSING END BIT- $300 55. KE25 Quarter Windows - $100 a pair or $50 each - CHROME TRIM WINDOW SOLD, STILL HAVE HEAPS 58. GENUINE KE20 REAR WINDOW RUBBER - $200ono 61. Various Ke2# guards in ranging condition - $50 bucks each 62. HUBCAPS - KE20 - $20 a set or $5 each - Datsun Hubcaps $20 the set - Also have KE25 hubcaps - $100 a set - Also have Ke2# 12" stockies - $50 bucks a set, tires are finished 64. Redrilled KE2# rear axles to 4x114.3 stud pattern - $250 65. Early KE2#/TE2# Jap Brochure - $50 Posted 66. Sprinter KE2#/TE2# Jap Brochure - $75 Posted 67. Late KE2#/TE2# Parts Catalogue - $80 Posted 68. KE1# Workshop Manual - $20 Posted
  3. Twincam16seca

    Ae71 engine and auto trans

    Have pulled motor and automatic gear box out ready for 4agte build so need to move the lot on to a new home. Prefer to sell as a package. Engine was run last year some time and ran well, trans shifted well with good down shift/kick back when foot required it to. Motor comes with all accessories as seen in pictures but no engine mounts, trans comes with tailshaft and cross member. Also have full standard exhaust system. Want $350 for it all, or Engine - sold Auto and tailshaft - $150 Exhaust - $80 Will have front suspension, brakes, rear suspension and 4.11:1 diff coming out soon as well if anyone's interested. Only have a couple of pics and will send them if you are interested. My phone won't up load them at the moment. Located in Lonsdale SA Contact me on here, or zerofour33374763 Cheers Jason
  4. Lazyjoshy87

    Ke70 Slant Front

    I have got a white auto ke70 slant front sedan that I'm pulling apart Parts listed as below Bonnet $50 Boot lid $50 Doors $50 each Guards $50 each Auto gearbox $100 sold Front bumper complete $50 sold Headlights $50 pair sold Parkers/indicator $40 pair sold Rare Left hand mirror $50 sold Right hand mirror $30 Seats $50 set A/c kit $300 Seat belts $50 sold Grill $30 Carpet $80 sold Door trims $50 set Tacho $40 sold Clock $30 Speedo $30 188000km Normal cluster $40 219000km no tacho I will hold parts for one week All parts are ono within reason tho Other parts still on car Email or txt as not on here much 0433959005 [email protected] Parts are in Adelaide pick up only Thanks Josh
  5. Lazyjoshy87

    Ke70/ke20 Parts

    I have some ke70 slant front parts and some ke20 parts ke70 parts Bonnet $50 Doors $50 each Guards $50 each A/C system $300ono Boot lid $50 Tacho $40 sold Clock $40 Fuel gauge $15 Temp gauge $15 Seat belts $50 sold L/H mirror $80 sold R/H mirror $20 Grill $30 head lights $30 each sold parker/indicators $25 each sold front bumper $50 sold rear bumper $50 Carpet $80 sold Speedo 188ks $30 Engine 150ks $250 sold Auto box $80 ke20 parts Rear seat brown $200 Door trims x4 $150 Air filter $20 Grill $25 3k head bare $30 speedo in miles $40 Auto box $50 will swap for other ke20 parts parts are located in south Australia pick up only please call on 0433959005 I send you picture thanks josh
  6. ke30 driver

    Ke20 Adelaide

    Wrecking ke20 Corolla in Adelaide. Most parts avaliable. 3k engine. 4speed. Mag wheels. Can post parts
  7. So after much thought I'm regretfully putting up for sale all my parts that were going to be for my project ke25 but plans have changed and i need a deposit for a house :) Now before i begin........ I'm not in a major rush to sell these parts so don't bother trying to offer me rubbish offers. I have spent over 3 years researching and tracking these parts down. most of them you can barely find these days. and yes i understand prices might seem high but you go find me cheaper ones and ill consider dropping the price. 1. selling complete front end parts as one ( not seperating ) SOLD!!! Kit includes : Brand new AJPS ae86 ground control coilover kit with helper springs to suit ke20/ ke25/ te27. Brand new ae86 slotted and dimpled DBA rotors Brand new QFM brake pads NOS te27 steering arms AJPS RCA's Brand new Cusco camber tops Brand new Cusco strut brace Brand new protex wheel bearings Near new TRD (rare) dampner adjustable rear shocks Ae86 calipers all bolts provided for suspension 2.The most perfect TE27 KPH sprinter gauge cluster dash you will ever find $600 3. also near perfect TE27 heater controls with factory gauges (oil temp, oil pressure, amps/volts) $380 4. NOS ke20/ ke25/te27 dash pad in box SOLD!! 5. New HKS circle earth system (purple) SOLD!! 6. Used tripple puk exeddy clutch with spigot bearing for T50 box SOLD!! 7.genuine ke20 hood vents painted black SOLD!! 8. Toyota ke20 boot badge $70 9. Ke10 corolla 1200 badges (rare) $250 10. ke20 SE badge $50 11. Brand new English made Genuine Aerocatch bonnet pins SOLD!!! 12. brand new Ke20 side indicator housings and lenses $70 13. brand new ke20 front indicator/ parker housing and lenses $120 14. Brand new high quality DEPO 7 inch reflector lenses to suit ke20/ke25/ te27 $80 I'm really not liking having to sell all this but i want a house so gotta go Please if you have any questions contact me on 0449077045 as I'm not on rollaclub that often. can PM me also but reply may be a few days.
  8. Hey all I have a TE27/25/20 Corolla tacho RPM dash cluster in KMPH In black which is extremely hard to find most are fake wood veneer. In perfect working order and great condition for it's age. ASKING $550 ONO Happy to post Australia wide. Pickup also welcome. Located in SA. Txt for quickest response as I won't be checking this forum as often. 04488105 two (zero) Paul
  9. niland

    Early Corolla Parts Wanted

    below are some pics of the parts I am chasing I understand these parts are super rare, but that is why I want them CASH PAID NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER 66-68 Grill 66 grill SL Badge Ke11 grill ke1x OEM foglight ke20 plastics te27 long centre console te27 steering wheel SL Boot or Boot Badge SL Grill 5 Speed Badge
  10. I have 1 x pair of kyb kc2005 n.o.s ke10 front strut inserts $300.00 pair 2x pair of koni 82R 1606 n.o.s ke10 front strut inserts $350.00 pair in s.a, will send interstate i can't get anymore after this, took me lots of ground work to find p.m me if interested cheer darren
  11. ke30 driver

    Ke20 Ke30 Ke35 Ke55 Parts

    Selling some parts. Parts in Adelaide can post 4K engine. $150 4K block $50 3k BigPort head $180 Good ke30 Aisin carb $100 Ke30 k40 $50 Ke30 pedal box $100 Ke30 diff $200 Ke20 bumpers $100 Ke20 4 speed $50 Ke20 diff $200 Ke20 disc brake front struts $100 Ke20 doors minor rust $70 Pair ke30 mirrors $100 Ke30 race seats $100 Ke30 front struts and brakes $100 Ke30 lcas $75 K starter motors $30 Tailshafts $30 Alternators $30 K motor dual v belt pulley $50 Ke30 2 inch exhaust $50 Ke36 ke38 rear exhaust section $30 Ke20 front Gaurds $50 Ke55 radiator $50 Ke55 grill $75 Ke35 fuel tank $40 Ke30 ignition and door lock set $100 Ke20 ignition and door lock boot and fuel cap set $125 Ke30 dash complete $200 early 1 piece type Ke20 dash cluster mph and Kph. $75 Ke35 coupe boot lid $50 Ke50 bonnet $100 Ke50 Gaurds $100 Ke30 bonnet trim $100 Ke30 bonnet vents $50
  12. 1. 4A-GE small port ECU - $70 2. 4A-GE small port engine loom - $100 3. 17mm rear sway bar, suits all RWD K,S, and T series diffs - $100 4. OMP 340mm deep dish wheel. Comes with Prelude boss kit. No horn button. - $30 5. 17mm rear sway bar, suits all RWD K,S, and T series diffs - $90 5. AE93 Series 1 front lip (no brackets etc) - $60 8. 4kg MRP coil over springs - Offers $$ (180mm from memory) 9. 4A-GE small port covers - $50 10. 4A-GE cam wheel cover - $20 11. 100kw 4A-GE head, ported polished, dipped, tested, shit loads of $$ spent ! Comes unassembled, but comes with a complete second head with all internals. No receipts but can provide mechanics details. PRICED TO SELL - $300 12. AE93 4-AGE gearbox. Worked fine when pulled from my AE93. Second or third was a bit crunchy down shifting. Weathered - $80 13. AE93 exhaust. (no rear muffler/ tail pipe included) $150 14. 4A-GE 100kw block (7-rib) Has been sitting out in the weather. 200,000kms. Was in good working order prior pulling from my AE93. Would best suit recon/ rebuild - $100 15. AE95 SR5 front seats. Good condition. - $50 for the pair 16. AE95 13" alloys, 4x100, full set - beer offers All parts located in Northern Suburbs. Can post at buyers expense. More pics available on request. For best response call/ text on 0410 872 187 Thanks
  13. Shuvae86

    XT130 LCAs

    Pair of XT130 Lower Control Arms 1 good ball joint, 1 stuffed. Ok bushings $100 Pick up available from Northern and Southern suburbs. Can post at buyers expense. Text/ call on 0410 872 187 Thanks, Jarryd
  14. Shuvae86

    AE82 SECA parcel shelf

    AE82 Seca parcel shelf in excellent condition Getting rare to find these days in good/ unmolested condition $60 Located in Para Hills Text/ call on 0410 872 187 Thanks, Jarryd
  15. Roger H

    Corolla Seca Ae82

    Looking to buy 1986 to 1989 with original spec, air cond and power steer. Prefer Red Car in good condition. Cash buyer for right car.
  16. Selling pair jap ke30 axels and brake drums $100 Pair ke30 struts complete sumitomo calipers $75 Suit ke20 upgrade Located Adelaide happy to post
  17. have a W55 box with no shifter and a 4age bellhousing $350 no offers so don't try it, thats the price p.m me cheers darren
  18. Dust03

    Wanted Ke55 Diff

    Hi all As title says I'm after a KE55 diff Aus Borgwarner with 4.1 gears More complete the better Show me what you got Cheers Todd
  19. ke30 driver

    Ke55 Hardtop Wrecking

    Wrecking this tired old 55. To much rust and damage in rear quarters. Has 4k 4spd running and drives. Mostly complete. Located in Adelaide hills Pm or 0448495319
  20. I have a set of KE20/25/26 glass 4 pieces total Front Windscreen Rear Windscreen LHS rear quarter window RHS rear quarter window Asking $250 which is an absolute bargain, would be great to keep as spares considering you can't find these anymore. Located SA pickup preferred
  21. As per the Title, Hilux/Hiace G series diff G282 (4.3:1, Open center, 2 Pinion) Complete, drum to drum. 165,000km showing on odometer when removed from vehicle. $300. Pickup from Lonsdale, SA. Will deliver for a fee. Will freight, if you organise it!
  22. trying to make a bit of shed space, selling; 4 X Cheviot 'hurricane(?)' style rims, good tread, 13"X6", 4X110 pcd $500 2 X Mesh style rims, no tyres, 1 needs some paint, 13"X7", 4X110 pcd approx. 65mm dish, imported from japan $250 4X 'jellybean-ish' style rims, bald tyres all round, 12"X5"(?), 4X110 pcd $100 4X Performance mesh style rims, 2 with crap tyres, 2 just rims, need paint, 14"X6", 4X114.3 pcd $250 2X mesh style rims, crap tyres, need paint, 13"X5"(?) 4X114.3 pcd $50 KE10 front brake upgrade, or just fix your KE20, 4X110, Complete just bolt on to ke10 struts, Brembo 9mmX200mm disks, never been used, surface rust but fine, Akebono callipers with brand new bendix pads, backing plates, hubs, top hats and other stuff I don't know the name of, its in the pic. $150 KE10 King Springs lowered front coils, barely used $60 Modified KE10 gearbox crossmemeber to suit K50, (holes filled and redrilled) Modified tailshaft done by Hardy Splicer, to suit K50, has new tube yoke and unis, did about 200ks driving $150 for both, have receipts 2" straight through exhaust suit KE10, 3" dump, cut before diff, comes with exhaust manifold $40 Surge tank and VL fuel pump, $150 Fuel tank...came with my 4AGE, possibly AE86 but honestly have no idea. $50 4AGE stock RWD exhaust manifold from AE86, with heat shields $50 All located in Mount Barker SA, prefer pick up but can post, prices negotiable. call or text 0484383351. msg for more pics as I didn't get pics of everything Cheers, Alex
  23. GoodLasagna

    Wtb: Ae86 Front Hubs

    Looking to buy a pair of front ae86 hubs or a full front brake setup to fit coilovers into my ae71. Located SA but would definitely be interested in getting shipped. Thanks!
  24. Wrecking: Multiple KE20 Corollas 2X 1973 models and 1X 1971 model - All parts available - 3K and 4K engines - All panels - Bumpers - Lights and Taillights - Glass - Grills and trims - 12" stockies - Hubcaps - Door Mirrors - Badges - Suspension - Auto Gearbox's - Interior seats, doortrims, roof lining and dash - extractors - 13" 4x110 hotwires - 15" alloy wheels multistud 4x110/4x100 - assorted bits and pieces KE25 parts also available upon request Price: POA - Price on application Delivery and Delivery Conditions: Pick Up and Post available Contact: PM or 0421 758 655 Pictures: