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  1. BUMP New tie rod ends and wheel alignment
  2. Extremely good condition. Amazing interior. Slight rusting at the top of the windscreen. Small scrape on front bumper. Heads gone. Suit 1jz or whatever you want. Glx model. 230xxxish kms. Walk in rego. May swap for a KE35 or KE30 wagon with cash adjustments. Piccies here. (Link fixed) http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/adelaide-cbd/cars-vans-utes/toyota-cressida-glx/1025089230
  3. BUMP Will consider swaps for a KE35 or KE30 wagon/panelvan
  4. $1,500 FIRM No Swaps Low ballers will recieve no reply Texts preferred due to work hours. 0416 797 seven three eight. Slanty KE70 4k 4 speed. 220,000+ kms. 3 months rego. Great daily + amazing on fuel. Mods: 14x6 dragway splats. Adjustable spring seats in the rear with adj. short stroke shockers. Lowered spring in the front, stock struts. Comes with headunit, 2 speakers in rear, sub and amp. Replaced/New: Roof racks. Engine mounts. Serviced recently. Points, dizzy cap, leads, plugs, fuel filter, air filter. Rear drum cylinders and shoes. Front brakes hoses and drive/acc/aircon belts. (Not installed but come with the car) 36kw atw or so. Have a dyno sheet. Rear arches rusted and covered by tape, suit cut out and weld in fronts. Rust in normal places. Body has a few dents.
  5. Cheers! Can lock this now :D
  6. Title says it all. Don't want to pay over $100.
  7. Going down hill, hard brake, bam foot to the floor. Right rear wheel cylinder spat it's seal. Replaced it with a brand new one, didn't do the other side because I cbf'ed. Bleed up, go down street to test it, bam the left rear goes. (Karma). Replace that side too.. And this is what confuses me, start bleeding the brakes with my brother pumping the pedal up when all of a sudden the brand new right rear cylinder pops. Back to square one. Can't work out why it would pop a new one? Read through a couple threads and this is what I've put it down to. 1. AE86 JDM Brakes up front somehow causing the brake bias to be out and too much pressure going to the rear thus blowing seals. 2. Drum shoes are low and drums themselves are old (Most probably never been replaced) with 280xxxkms on the car. Pushing piston too far? 3. Car hates me. Was driving around for ages with the two old cylinders and the brakes bled but not 100% and had no problems til I stomped the brake. Didn't fully adjust up my right rear shoes when I put the new one in. (Still ebrakes fine). When I had only one new cylinder in, fully bled with a really firm pedal. Pushed down, was braking really well for a distance then went pop. Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. No video. Tut tut. Good work on getting it running and sorted. Now videoooooooooooooo. You don't realise how much I love this thing.
  9. Advice: Take it to a mechanic who know what they're doing. :)
  10. NOT MY CAR. Located in Upullit elizabeth. Dunno if this is the right spot for this but saw this a couple days ago and figured some rollaclubbers may find it useful. Look at the photos...
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