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  1. What sort of power was this built for
  2. Any way to contact the buyer anout the efi gear
  3. V8 power haha I ended up getting a 1uz package pretty cheap so thats going in atm well after some chassis rust is repaired lol
  4. Sorry To jack the thread but I've got a ke70 panno with Ra60 Struts brakes etc and I'm waiting on some coil overs and slotted rotors.I've Just read up on the kpi but I don't quite understand how that affects the "feel" of the car. and Wondering what it leads to driving it returns to centre fine or at least it feels the same as my stock Ae71. I'm Guessing there's not much I can do about it but will negative rca's help. I'm doing parts order off techno toy tunning so if I can rectify it in any way please tell me Cheers
  5. And Is that too much power for a daily, I feel like I should never say too much power but when does it just end up loosing all functionality
  6. I'm Planning to drive it everyday but I want to be able to shock people when the time comes... Happy To spend around 10k and I'd want it all engineered which is my main problem with the 2tg being older that the car. I Guess The Solution Would Be To Get A 3tc out Of A T18 And Hybridize Keeping The Newer Block And Cross Member Because Whoever Put It In The Car made A Mess With The cross Member the Engine Sits Way Too Far Forward Don't Get me wrong I love the tg it sounds awesome pulls harder than my old 4age keto I just hate parts availability... How Well does a 230-260 rwkw 4agte hold together andand I forgot to mention my old mans got a w series 5 speed in the shed that he will part with I Just don't want to build a motor just for it to go pop on my way to work And Thanks for all the input I all helps cheers
  7. I'm Pretty happy to do all the work I'm just not sure which way to go the car already has a hilux diff in it lowered and stiffened leafsim also putting a rear sway bar in and chasing coils for The Front I'm Just Trying To Work Out what Parts to Start Buying
  8. I've Got a 2tg in my ke70 it leaks a bit of oil fun little motor but I'm just not sure if it's going to be reliable and cost effective for the power I want if I turbo it, on the plus side it's already in the car but it wasn't the best conversion I bought it done and the cross member looks dodgy as hell and I'll need to find an injection system and ecu which will be hard go find. Second Option Would Be a 4agte I've Just Stripped an Ae71 so I've Got everything except the engine But I'm Just Not Sure If It Will Be Reliable Once It's boosted finally There's the sr20det I've Got Nothing Besides A z32 Afm but The Motor Makes Good power stock So That Would Make It Reliable
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