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  1. beigeke

    How To Build A Jdm Ke70 Or Ae71

    Hey man interested in the DX front. Can you text me or can I text you? 0400167800
  2. beigeke

    Ke70 Wagon

    Surprisingly it's actually not too bad. Heavy duty reset leafs in the rear. They're quite nice. It's not necessarily to do skids or anything like that, just to keep my busy and I've always wanted one in a KE. A little more pickup wouldn't go astray. Indeed! 13" is the only way to go in my opinion when it comes to E Chassis's! Thanks man. :)
  3. beigeke

    Ke70 Wagon

    Thanks man. I'm not entirely sure when it'll be coming out again. Really getting focused on this whole 4AGE ordeal. Finding all the RWD parts, picking some more up this week. Should be good. Come say hey if you see me though dude!
  4. beigeke

    Ke70 Wagon

    Hey guys. Thought I'd finally post up some pics of my KE70 Wagon, not my first E Chassis but definitely not my last and I don't think I could ever get rid of it. Bought it with a shitload of rust and needed lots of work. All rust was cut out and fibre glassed (may eventually cut and weld), engine issues were fixed. Got wheels from Japan (SSR Star Sharks, 13x7 -0 and 13x6.5+20), DX quad front (reproduction set I think), genuine PV front and rear chrome bars w/end caps and brackets, chrome weather shields, genuine Nardi Classic with a Personal long boss kit and I put new carpet in it. The next thing that'll be happening will be a 4AGE and it'll be engineered. Collecting quality RWD parts before doing it, besides that, the engine is still the original with owners books, log book and service history along with everything else. I've kept all the original parts as well.
  5. You're not wrong about Facebook taking over. Most forums are dead nowadays.
  6. beigeke

    Wtb: Ke70 4Kac Head!

    Hey guys, I'm after a 4KAC head after finding mine was a bit milky today. Preferably come off a running car, don't have the cash to spend at a head shop. May consider buying a complete 4K for the right price. Cheers! Also, I'm located in Adelaide!