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  1. succulent eye

    Ae71 rear end swaying ( almost death wobbles )

    Thanks for the quick replies guys. I did forget to mention it has been lowered all round, front is fully adjustable coil overs, rear is lowered springs and shocks etc. Tyre wear is fine all round. I did drive an ae82 and pulsar before I got this so dunno if it's just me tripping out the Panhard bushes are new so maybe I'll have a look at the trailing arm bushes. It's very odd and I should have mentioned earlier too that it tends to be worse on one side. Say I swerve left it's not so bad but swerve right its alot worse.
  2. Ok so where to begin. I bought the car about 3 weeks ago, it for some reason gets a little bit of a death wobble going. This happens all the time but gets worse on the freeway. It feels somewhat like I'm doing some fat skids the whole way down the road and gets rather scary at times. It has new Panhard bushes as I thought that might be the problem. Kinda imagine your diving down the Rd any slight turn and the rear of the car feels like it's trailing / delayed behind the rest. I appreciate any help.
  3. succulent eye

    Ae71 4ac idling rough

    I did what you recommended and it's fixed. Thanks so much for your help and sharing your knowledge, I'd have been stuffed without it.
  4. succulent eye

    Ae71 4ac idling rough

    Here's a video to help show a bit of what it's doing. Hopefuly it works. I tested the solenoid thing on the carby and it's working fine so my guess is it's blocked. Any recommendations on how or what to do ? I've had carby cleaner blasting it through it but still no luck. If you spot something I'm meant to have hooked up different just shout out and I'll change it. Thanks heaps for your help.
  5. succulent eye

    Ae71 4ac idling rough

    Ok so another update, I've checked the little float level glass thing on the front of the carby and it's sitting just above half. So this tells me that the float level is good. Is there a certain vacuum line I'm meant to have hooked up or not hooked up ? I can try get some photos of the carby if it makes it easier ?
  6. succulent eye

    Ae71 4ac idling rough

    Yeah that's what I'm starting to think too. I've only had it for 3 days so haven't had a proper tank through it, just filled up now so I'll keep an eye on it. I've worked out that say I drive to the shops it goes like a pig and stalls then I stop for 10 minutes doing the shopping and it runs fine for the first little bit then goes back to a pig. It's a constant routine of that as far as I've worked out.
  7. succulent eye

    Ae71 4ac idling rough

    Thanks heaps for the quick reply. I had the air filter off and the car running to see what it was all doing, the choke flap is open when it's warmed up so it's got me stuffed what it might be. I find it odd that I can completely lean the idle out to nothing at all and it still doesn't matter.
  8. succulent eye

    Ae71 4ac idling rough

    Hi all and thanks for the help In advance. So where to begin. Plain and simple the car is idling very rough, it seems to have the choke getting stuck on or be running far too rich. I can unplug the power to the choke and the car slows and stalls, also I can lean the idle mixture to nothing and it still runs. I'm somewhat confused what it might be so I've come to the geniuses to see. Thanks for the help in advance.
  9. Hi all up for sale is my ke35 Rolla. It has an efi 2tg running fine. Paint has a few marks as you can expect. This is a great car the only reason I am selling is I need a bigger car. 5 speed manual. This is an awesome car very quick and everyone stops to have a look. Need any more info text Me on 0408413363 price has been dropped need it gone. Also just replaced all the shocks front springs and sway bar bushes. Also did oil change. I am very negotiable so let me know your offers.
  10. succulent eye

    Ke35 Corolla. 2Tgeu

    Hi all up for sale is my beloved ke35 Rolla. It has an efi 2tg running great with no issues. Fully registeted in nsw which runs out in about 10 months. Paint is fairly good. Not 100% but still looks great. Only wanting to sell as I want a bigger car. After a very quick sale. Need any more info just text Me on 0408413363 will post pictures asap. Looking for around $8000 but I am negotiable but no stupid offers.
  11. succulent eye

    Efi 2Tg. Spluttering While Driving

    It only splutters when driving. In every gear. It does it a bit under load but seems to perform a bit better under load. Mainly when just cruising at a casual pace. I've replaced the leads, cleaned the air flow meter and the fuel filter is fine.
  12. Hey everone I have a ke35 with an efi 2tg and it randomly starts spluttering then fixes up then does it again. just wondering what it could be. Only does it while driving. All help appreciated. Edward.
  13. succulent eye

    Efi 2Tg Tps

    I'm replacing the tps due to the revs going up and down at idle. I don't really know if it has anything to do with the jerking as u drive.
  14. succulent eye

    Efi 2Tg Tps

    Hey all I'm currently trying to replace the tps in my ke35. Also while driving it randomly starts jerking and then fixes up for a bit then does it again. It had the efi 2tg in it. All help appreciated. Edward.