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  1. Ok cool, so far so good. Don't know if it's just me tripping out but it seems to run a whole lot smoother now. I'm going to have a fiddle round and see where it fits best once I get some better hose. The good ol boat anchor, she isn't fast but it does honest work. Thanks again for the help.
  2. Thanks heaps for the quick message, I just finished installing it and it's all good now. ( I'll know more over time ) . I had to use the old air filter setup which seems to work better anyway really. I'll attach some pictures so if you think I should change something don't hesitate to say so. I appreciate the help. I'll also be using some better hose once I can find it, any recommendations ?
  3. Ok peeps I just bought a cheap oil catch can from autobarn ( the drift one ) I'm after some help installing it. What's the best way to have it setup, also don't judge but is the pcv necessary as I'm pretty sure mine's a dud. The car has a stock carby with aftermarket air filter and has had a vacuum delete . My reason for installing this is it suffers pretty bad blow by due to dodgy rings, I'm sick of the mess and constantly adding oil. Thanks for the help .
  4. Sorry for the slow reply, been giving it some time to see if it's fixed and finally all issues solved. It was the thermostat somehow keeping it too cool or getting stuck open. Replaced that and it's been mint ever since, runs without an issue now. Well apart from a decent coolant leak behind the timing cover area. Anyways thanks heaps for all the help.
  5. Well guys I thought it was fixed but turns out it's not, cruising to mannum today and guess what happens. I'm pretty well lost with this, I pulled the plugs a few days ago just to check em and see what they are like and plug 1 and 4 were very black, cleaned em and put em back in not thinking much of it as the car was running mint. Today I have replaced the 4 plugs with bosch instead of ngk and I'll monitor further each arvo. The car also has the stock carby with the pain of a thing ( auto choke ) so I wound the screw for that out as far as I can so it won't come on. My reasoning is as follows. I installed a new radiator ( mishimoto ) a while ago which is big and on the freeway the car sits on cold, like very cold the lowest it can go which I'm not sure but might be bringing the choke on as it thinks it's cold and causing trouble. If I'm wrong or should be trying something else don't hesitate to say so as I'm rather confused by all this.
  6. Sorry about the delayed reply been pretty busy, also been testing it. So far so good, replaced the leads cap and re set the points. I know I was meant to do 1 at a time but I was about to lose my mind :) anyway it runs sweet now without an issue. Thanks heaps for the help.
  7. Thanks hopefuly I get there :) I got sick of waiting for the new plugs so went to the local auto store and grabbed some. I just put them in so I'll see how it goes now. I also thought id check something and had the timing light hooked up. As it was idling you could hear it miss and a little pop out the exhaust so I watched on the timing and it drops from 10 down to 5 when it misses. Hopefully the other bits get here soon.
  8. Thanks heaps for the reply, haha after I removed the vac advance that went from the carby to the dizzy it went fine for a few days not a single misfire then drove on the freeway and it started again. I've got a timing light and checked all tgat and it's good. It doesn't seem to be starving itself of fuel, it's kinda how you put it of sudden sharp changes. It doesn't big down at all. Imagine a heart and it misses a beat for a second then goes normal again alsalso have checked fuel filter and pump both are good.
  9. Thanks for the speedy reply, so the update so far. I have removed the vac advance to ensure it's nothing with that. I also cleaned the inside of the dizzy. New leads , dizzy cap and plugs on the way I done a comp test and this is the result, Cyl 1 150 Cyl 2 145 Cyl 3 148 Cyl 4 130. I also read online that if it's lower to do a wet comp test, pour a little oil ( 1 tsp ) in the Cyl. After doing so it went up to 148. The odd thing is it was going amazing after removing the vac and cleaning the dizzy then yesterday it went bad again. I'm lost with it, goes great if ya smash the life out of it then just cruising it kinda splutters occasianly some days worse than others. I'll attach a photo of the plugs after cleaning and driving for a bit. The order is from left to right 1234
  10. Ok so the car was running pretty good for a while then started having a misfire, so I removed the plugs and checked them to see plug 1 ruined. I replaced it the misfire was good for a bit then it's back again. Checked the plug and it was pure black with carbon. Goes black after a day and I only drive like 10 minutes to work. Just trying to work out what might cause this, could it be a vacuum hooked up wrong ? Bad leads ? Bad dizzy ? I'm lost. So I've come to the gurus, I have attached a photo of the plug that was ruined. Also a photo of the only vacuum I've got hooked up.
  11. Ok thanks. I'll see if I can get one from the local Toyota dealer.
  12. Ok finally solved the problem, it now starts and runs. Still not too sure about the o'ring as it wasn't the best fit but I'll see how it goes. Would be awesome if someone had a part number.
  13. Thanks for the quick reply I grabbed one from the local shop but now the issue is it won't start. It cranks then will pop but won't actually start. Am I doing something wrong ?
  14. I'm after a new o'ring for the 4ac Dizzy. It's leaking oil like crazy, is it a special one ? And where is the best place to find one ? Thanks in advance for the help.
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