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  1. ....... Finished article >>> lookinn good! 01Sept20 4A-F
  2. Not much been happening with the old girl.... I have looked for a 'factory' deck lid/bootlip spoiler since getting the car and they are RockyHorsePoo..... Finally snipped this at megga cheep 😉 I believe the Gen6 corolla has a similar bootlid, 4 doors, and wonder if the guys out there have taken something similar and done the mod? 4A-F
  3. Drink some fish tank cleaner....... You be fine M8 *do not take comments by Msr Trump as any form of endorsement. Following the Presidents advice [on ANYTHING] could be toxic for 240,000 US citizens 😕
  4. My local exhaust shop has had a 'mare with 'faulty' front downpipes.... 1st failed Y-welds.... 2nd snapped flexi.... 3rd is a good one BUT blowing like a loco at the manifold flange 😞 ..... Ah haaa! Actually, when the 3rd was fitted the guy warned me the threads on the studs are known for stripping out >> so he must not have leaned on them = failed to seal!! Depot manager agreed to swap out all three studs and refit the downpipe. "Great", says I 😉 TWO HOURS* with the Oxy torch it took to tease the oldies out & a retap to clean up the threads.... Free Of Charge YaY!! * ok, I'm dropping a tray of Budweiser in for him - I got a megga thirst just watching lol 4A-F
  5. The rubber pipe linking the thin 'return' fuel pipe to the tank has perished. I had the garage replace it, well... don't fancy petrol running up my arm, as I lie under the car. £5 parts + £10 (cash in hand) to fit it 😉 £15 fix - I can live with that! 4A-F
  6. I found this informative Utube, specifically 4A-F focussed.. https://youtu.be/7B4cNeE6_ng The illustration of the 'hot water zone' within the phenolic spacer interests me - have 'old skool' tuners here experienced water gushing when a carb is taken off? Did anyone bypass/re route the water jacket? 4A-F
  7. Hi, and thanks for the bump... I have fitted half the red, replacing old factory rubber. Not got onto the tune-up quite yet..... 4A-F
  8. I robbed a part out of an MR2 column stalk to fix my own 'turn flasher' switch. The indicator had been Bzz Bzz Bzzzz - but not flashing - on right turn, so I stripped the switch apart and found the little slider worn smooth... Swapped fresh MR2 slider in and reassembled my dash. Great fix... No parts exist(cheep£££) so it has to be spares/robbed. 4A-F
  9. Thanks for that.... Someone has a full set of 4A-F cams, actually a full head, they could send me... But, considering the cost of a pro regrind, it makes little sense to 'fiddle around' without doing a Whole Head 'flow n fettle' job. I'm not going there. I'm concentrating on getting the best out of the Aisan, redoing the vac hosing + checking the dizzy works OK. 4A-F
  10. Every days a School day..... I'm looking for simply a flow increas on my stock carbbie '91/4A-F... Have you read the guy, over on Toyota Nation, porting his Xtrac 4A-F... ? 4A-F
  11. My Carina II has the 4A-F, Carbbie 5sp. My question follows on from 'cheap gains' ?? I understand [mebbies] from much WebbieMining that the Post '93 4A-FE (3rd Gen..?) engine has the same head as the 7A-FE (Camry/Celica) and has a 7mm cam lift. The 1st gen head on my 4A-F is an 'orphan' = nothing will swap/upgrade from an injection engine cam (4 or 7). Without any other 'mods' does anyone agree that an INCREASE in my Inlet valve lift would be a Good Thing..?? (simply for inlet charge/flow?) I'm minded to try a 'heel grind' - for cheapness - to gain perhaps 2mm... This I think would match 4A-FE /post '93 lift. I havent managed to determine my current inlet lift (not doing a cambox off/DTI at this early stage in the game). Some suppliers of heel ground (0.150") supply a 'lifter/under shim' to make up this reduction as Toyota shims haven't the range [away from factory stock heel radius] - some opinions reckon they would pop out but @under 6k, the 4A-F is no screamer! they seem to be working... Any of you 'back in the day' racer boys know any dimensions or have proof of what swaps into what.. ?? Cheers 4A-F
  12. My silicone vac pipe tube [4mm & RED!] just arrived so I'm not short of anything for the tuneup/overhaul..... Just it's Winter.... And damn frosty :-( 4A-F
  13. Just fitted Ring +130 H4 bluey bulbs. Nice sharp, bright lamp... Not driven on 'outback' style black stretches thus far but, I will wager these are a noticable improvement on what was in >> Good Good 4A-F
  14. ...... and the gauge arrived thismorning. Let the Games Commence 4-AF
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