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  1. Drink some fish tank cleaner....... You be fine M8 *do not take comments by Msr Trump as any form of endorsement. Following the Presidents advice [on ANYTHING] could be toxic for 240,000 US citizens 😕
  2. My local exhaust shop has had a 'mare with 'faulty' front downpipes.... 1st failed Y-welds.... 2nd snapped flexi.... 3rd is a good one BUT blowing like a loco at the manifold flange 😞 ..... Ah haaa! Actually, when the 3rd was fitted the guy warned me the threads on the studs are known for stripping out >> so he must not have leaned on them = failed to seal!! Depot manager agreed to swap out all three studs and refit the downpipe. "Great", says I 😉 TWO HOURS* with the Oxy torch it took to tease the oldies out & a retap to clean up the threads.... Free Of Charge YaY!! * ok, I'm dropping a tray of Budweiser in for him - I got a megga thirst just watching lol 4A-F
  3. The rubber pipe linking the thin 'return' fuel pipe to the tank has perished. I had the garage replace it, well... don't fancy petrol running up my arm, as I lie under the car. £5 parts + £10 (cash in hand) to fit it 😉 £15 fix - I can live with that! 4A-F
  4. I found this informative Utube, specifically 4A-F focussed.. https://youtu.be/7B4cNeE6_ng The illustration of the 'hot water zone' within the phenolic spacer interests me - have 'old skool' tuners here experienced water gushing when a carb is taken off? Did anyone bypass/re route the water jacket? 4A-F
  5. Hi, and thanks for the bump... I have fitted half the red, replacing old factory rubber. Not got onto the tune-up quite yet..... 4A-F
  6. I robbed a part out of an MR2 column stalk to fix my own 'turn flasher' switch. The indicator had been Bzz Bzz Bzzzz - but not flashing - on right turn, so I stripped the switch apart and found the little slider worn smooth... Swapped fresh MR2 slider in and reassembled my dash. Great fix... No parts exist(cheep£££) so it has to be spares/robbed. 4A-F
  7. Thanks for that.... Someone has a full set of 4A-F cams, actually a full head, they could send me... But, considering the cost of a pro regrind, it makes little sense to 'fiddle around' without doing a Whole Head 'flow n fettle' job. I'm not going there. I'm concentrating on getting the best out of the Aisan, redoing the vac hosing + checking the dizzy works OK. 4A-F
  8. Every days a School day..... I'm looking for simply a flow increas on my stock carbbie '91/4A-F... Have you read the guy, over on Toyota Nation, porting his Xtrac 4A-F... ? 4A-F
  9. My Carina II has the 4A-F, Carbbie 5sp. My question follows on from 'cheap gains' ?? I understand [mebbies] from much WebbieMining that the Post '93 4A-FE (3rd Gen..?) engine has the same head as the 7A-FE (Camry/Celica) and has a 7mm cam lift. The 1st gen head on my 4A-F is an 'orphan' = nothing will swap/upgrade from an injection engine cam (4 or 7). Without any other 'mods' does anyone agree that an INCREASE in my Inlet valve lift would be a Good Thing..?? (simply for inlet charge/flow?) I'm minded to try a 'heel grind' - for cheapness - to gain perhaps 2mm... This I think would match 4A-FE /post '93 lift. I havent managed to determine my current inlet lift (not doing a cambox off/DTI at this early stage in the game). Some suppliers of heel ground (0.150") supply a 'lifter/under shim' to make up this reduction as Toyota shims haven't the range [away from factory stock heel radius] - some opinions reckon they would pop out but @under 6k, the 4A-F is no screamer! they seem to be working... Any of you 'back in the day' racer boys know any dimensions or have proof of what swaps into what.. ?? Cheers 4A-F
  10. My silicone vac pipe tube [4mm & RED!] just arrived so I'm not short of anything for the tuneup/overhaul..... Just it's Winter.... And damn frosty :-( 4A-F
  11. Just fitted Ring +130 H4 bluey bulbs. Nice sharp, bright lamp... Not driven on 'outback' style black stretches thus far but, I will wager these are a noticable improvement on what was in >> Good Good 4A-F
  12. ...... and the gauge arrived thismorning. Let the Games Commence 4-AF
  13. ..... there is a vacuum tap-off pokes straight out of the inlet manifold - facing my bulkhead - and will give steady vac. The dizzy is 'ported vac' so not steady for full range required. Gauge should be here over next few days.... Really looking forward to some timing & carby tinkering 4A-F
  14. I have ordered a 50mm Vac gauge, on Amazon, and wonder if any of you have had success with carb tuning - using the 'high mercury' vac indication for setting up.. ? https://goo.gl/images/iSdXff Which part of the carb vac-pipe connection did you tap into..? 4A-F
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