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  1. 4A-Foottotheboards

    Carina II '91 in United Kingdom

    I understand the 4A-FE (2nd gen) had greater cam lift [7.6MM] than the dimensionally identical 4A-F Carb head. Anyone ever done a scrapyard upgrade this way.... ?? 4A-F
  2. 4A-Foottotheboards


    Google got me here...... I like it Hello from *Newcastle ...... *No, the other one 4A-F
  3. 4A-Foottotheboards

    ke20 break and rear diff upgrades

    Hi... From *Newcastle *no.. the other one! Finding it a bit quiet around here.... 4A-F
  4. 4A-Foottotheboards

    Carina II '91 in United Kingdom

    ....... Further to the above ...... http://forum.alltracwagon.com/cgi-bin/forum/Blah.pl?v-print/m-1301874383/ This sort of thing When did anyone see such a thorough 'hop-up' on this Corolla/Carina motor ? (well, its the only one I can find!) 4A-F
  5. 4A-Foottotheboards

    Carina II '91 in United Kingdom

    Hi I'm just browsing around Toyota cars with the Carbie 4A-F. Appreciate it is now 'old tech' but lots of miles run on them so lots of techhie info will be about here.... I post on ToyotaNation (toosavvy, Brit in Bitz!) so perhaps you guys look in on there ?? 4A-F