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  1. Hey everyone, I'm chasing a pair of door mirrors for my ke20. Prefer original, but not too fussed on aftermarket ones as long as the quality is good. Even all stainless would be alright. Already tried a pair of those Thailand ones and they were horrible. If anyone has a decent pair or know of a place that sells some door mirrors would help heaps. Location is : Wollongong NSW, but don't mind paying for postage too. Thanks, Michael
  2. Thanks, for that Project Sprinter. very informative. Sorry for the extremely late reply. Just seen the message. I don't seem to get notifications etc. Still trying to get it sorted. Did just get some panel work done and heaps of rust cut out. They just matched it by eye for now. I might get a can of big bad wolf made up if someone can find the formula. Thanks mate :)
  3. I have no idea what whiteline uses, its hard to tell cause they look black lol http://www.whiteline.com.au/do_segue4.php?make=TOYOTA&model=COROLLA&model_final=COROLLA+KE30%2C+35%2C+36%2C+38%2C+50%2C+55+(LEVIN%2C+TRUENO)&vehicle=11%2F1974-11%2F1981
  4. Hey Brodie, not sure where about in Aus you are but I came across this ad on gumtree http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/smithfield/engine-engine-parts-transmission/wrecking-toyota-townace/1113087575 pretty sure its has a 7k efi. Maybe someone else can confirm?
  5. Just came across this toyota site, It's very interesting and has some specs on corollas like weights, power etc, but it has Toyotas whole line up of cars from 1936 - 2012 http://www.toyota-global.com/company/history_of_toyota/75years/vehicle_lineage/family_tree/index.html I also go to this site for brochures, service manuals and owners manual scans. Has other cool stuff too http://www.retrojdm.com/Search.asp?Make=Toyota
  6. I think the plate is correct, The frame number matches the one that's on the firewall. I wonder if anyone else has this colour and what their colour code is. The guy I bought the car from said the paint is completely original and has owned the car for the last 12 years. I replaced the carpet in the car and I haven't seen any traces of any other colour. It looks original too besides the stupid engine bay with the crappy sparkles haha. He said when he swapped the motor for a 4k he painted the engine bay like that :/ The closest one I can match it with is that Brilliant Persimmon colour. I'll see what the guys at Autoone can do for me. If not, a few people at work have told me of a place about 15mins away from me that has a spectrometer. I might have to do that, all I really wanted was a rattle can to touch up some spots and apparently this place does pressure packs too so that's good. Hopefully get it sorted soon. I'll keep you all updated. Thanks for the help everyone
  7. Hey, Thanks, I went through that site with no luck. Thanks heaps though. Makes me wonder if that ID plate is even real :/ Can't find anything with that code at all.. I can find 2 other colours that are orange that look similar with different codes. 308 - Brilliant Persimmon JW - Big Bad Orange - Toyota Australia code. can't find a pic of big bad orange though.. Found this site too if anyone needs help with colors. http://paintref.com/cgi-bin/chipdisplay.cgi?year=1974&manuf=Toyota&info=&page=1 But still no luck. I called Autoone and they're going to contact their paint supplier and get back to me.
  8. Hey everyone, I've recently bought a 74 ke20 and i need to get some paint made up. The engine bay says its M2. But I can't seem to find any more info on the colour. I Went to supercheap to see if they could make up a can for now but their system didn't have the code for the formula. Sorry about the picture sizes. Here's the plate with the code: Photo of the paint Any help would help me heaps. Thanks
  9. Hey everyone, as none of you would probably know, I sold my ke55 coupe and regretted it ever since. So I bought an orange 2dr ke20. Only thing is it is missing both original door cards and the back of the glove box. The previous owner re trimmed the door cars with white vinyl and looks crappy, also installed a cd player in the glove box in which he removed the whole box part and didnt have, the only thing there was the glove boxes door and metal behind it. If anyone has them for sale or knows where I can get them, would be much appreciated it. Not really fused on condition, but would be good if it looked decent. Also if possible in that sandy colour. Not that it matters too much. Will get it all re trimmed anyway later down the track. Willing to pay postage etc. location: Wollongong NSW about 1hr south of syd Thanks Contact, Prefer PM here or email. Email: [email protected] Phone: 0431286858 - prefer sms as do shift work and may be sleeping etc This is her if you would like to see :)
  10. Hey everyone, I'm I'm desperate need of a manual gearbox for my ke55. (4k) At the moment I'm running a standard 4 speed box. But would like a 5 speed. But I need either one for now just so I can be able to drive again. If anyone has one or knows of one for sale preferable in NSW would be a big help. Thanks. Pm me if you could or SMS me on 04 31 28 685 8 as I do shift work. Thanks
  11. Hey mate where are you located? I'm interested in the 4speed
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