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  1. 4AGE KE55

    So slow have I been doing work a snail has crawled into my engine bay :O
  2. 4AGE KE55

    Haven't updated in a while. Been waiting on parts. Still a few to come but enough to make some progress.
  3. 4AGE KE55

    Sigma LCA's in. The wheels are kind of in the guard. Time to track down some SR5 flares.
  4. 4AGE KE55

    Picked up a cut and shut small port manifold. Also bought a KE30 fuel tank last week. Will be modifying it for internal lift pump soon. A few more Speedflow fittings to come first. New undercar 3/8" lines will go in soon. Still working out where to mount the surge tank, fuel pump and filters.
  5. 4AGE KE55

    Inlet manifold removed to get cut and shut and to run the coolant hoses. Hyundai Excel X2 radiator mounted and main hoses run. Still need to make a bracket to mount the thermostat assembly yet I know where it needs to go now.
  6. 4AGE KE55

    TA22 T50 comes with a 20 spline output so the original tail shaft fits straight in.
  7. 4AGE KE55

    Test fitting the gearbox. The first model Celica TA22 T50 box. Has a different shifter position from all the later T50 from the corolla's which is further forward on the box. Fits perfectly into the KE55, shifter hole lining up in the middle of the factory cut out.
  8. 4AGE KE55

    The engine mounts are 4mm mild steel FYI. Gearbox mount is 8mm. Yeah, is a lot neater than the early versions :)
  9. 4AGE KE55

    Part of the issue with running the first wire was it also involved relocating the battery and installing a battery cut off switch. Yet I'm not including this in the 6 hours it took. This was a separate project that took most of 2 days. I got little things done along the way but the measuring to see if thing would fit before cutting and modifying took a long time. I had to cut a little bit of the radio mount off the inside of the dash to make clearance. Yet the mounting holes are still there should I ever want to put the factory radio back in. I used those mounting holes to secure the bracket for the cut off switch. Made several cardboard mock ups of potential brackets. Then made a couple from metal to discover mounting or wire routing issues before settling on this one. Also had some issues with the switch assembly interfering with parts so hit it with the grinder to make a couple of flats on the top and bottom then cut a slot to clear a piece of structural plastic on the dash assembly. I tried as much as possible not to modify the existing dash even though it isn't seen. The design probably could be a lot better as it was really annoying to tighten the mounting screws from the bracket to the dash given they screw in from the back. Several different short screwdrivers later however and is pretty solid and fits perfectly in the cigarette lighter position.
  10. 4AGE KE55

    Engine bay getting cleaner. Most of the wiring has been redone or hidden. 1 Loom for the lights on the drivers side to go. Will redirect through the guard. ECU connected. Just need to finish off the fuse box installation to get power to the fuel pumps and fans. This is a temporary set up to get the engine running. Will end up with an aftermarket ECU in the end which will be hidden. The factory wiring made it that far once I made a hole through the firewall for the factory loom. You can see the entry point between the inlet manifold and engine on the firewall. That is the factory grommet from the AE92 I am using. That was the easy bit though. Connecting the rest of the wires becomes rather complex. I didn't realise how long this would take. Given I'm an electrical engineer and do this kind of thing all the time, plus I started this project 8 years ago and have been planning this for a long time. I went out to the car with 3 pages of AE92 wiring diagrams for the engine. 2 pages of AE82 wiring diagrams for the connection of the power. Couldn't find AE92 ones and they were close enough to work with. The whole KE55 wiring fits on 1 page. Then have 3 pages with details on pinouts, wire colours, the colour of the wire on the connecting loom etc..... Even with all this planning I wasn't expecting to go out to the car with everything in hand and after 6 hours finally having routed the first wire in a state I was happy with. The second wire only took a further 2 hours. 5 days later and the wiring is getting close to being able to start the engine yet still have a lot of work to go.
  11. towbar for KE55 wanted

    Pretty sure I have one under the house. As above where you located? I'm in Melbourne.
  12. WTB T50 Gear Shifter

    I found one from a guy off Toymods in the end for $20 :)
  13. 4A to T50 Bolts

    LOL Cheers guys. I somehow just found an old post here on rollaclub with the answer after spending all day looking on every Toyota board for the answer. Good memory LittleRed https://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/55301-t50-bellhousing-bolts/
  14. 4A to T50 Bolts

    Hi, does anyone know how long the bolts are to bolt a T50 to a 4A? I have found they are M12 1.25pitch but can't find the length anywhere.
  15. 4AGE KE55

    New engine mounts installed. Had to remove the Commodore master cylinder to make way for the inlet manifold. Will keep the MS just in case of future plans. With 20V throttle bodies and a custom tapered manifold the MS might just fit. Wiring still getting cleaned up. Needs a good wash in there also.