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  1. Rolln666KE20

    K series 5 speed

    Anyone help me out for this little girl, 4 speed just doesn't cut it haha
  2. Rolln666KE20

    Ke2x Members Page

    NAME: Scotty Dee CAR: 1973 KE20 Toyota corolla MOTOR AND DRIVELINE: 4K 4 speed with shortened LSD SUSPENSION AND BRAKES: Adjustable camber plates and coil over struts coil over with shortened shocks rear WHEELS AND TYRES: GENUINE B45 SIMMONS [B]Interior[/B]: [B]Body[/B]: [B]Other[/B]:  I figured pictures speak 1000 words
  3. Rolln666KE20

    KE20 alt wiring

    I'll also get that resistor sorted out as well the last thing I need is more dramas with the engine bay hahaha. Wish I had a timing light that would sort it out in a jiffy
  4. Rolln666KE20

    KE20 alt wiring

    Yeah I fucked it off and just linked it together, got the current back and power again. The battery is 550CCA heaps of AMPS. Got it fired up she's running again but I'd say it needs a tune, I'll take it for a drive tomorrow to see if its still doing the same thing. I didn't put that fuse in I found it in the line hahaha
  5. Rolln666KE20

    KE20 alt wiring

    Found the problem this must have blown, I'll get one bigger then 100A its running from the battery to the starter
  6. Rolln666KE20

    KE20 alt wiring

    These pics should be better, the resistor is not touching the coil at all
  7. Rolln666KE20

    KE20 alt wiring

    Hahahaha i thought it was a bit much for the old girl! I might get a Timi g light as well just to make sure the timing is 100% I'll get those pics to you this arvo mate. Thanks again
  8. Rolln666KE20

    KE20 alt wiring

    Its just a standard coil with a fanta can wrapped around it hahaha. I'll send you some pics of that area after work,if the ballast resistor. Also its running points yes
  9. Rolln666KE20

    KE20 alt wiring

    Yeah i got the engine turning over a few times it fired but didn't start then it went dead, no dash lights no horn, no stereo, no power. It couldn't see a blown fuse and still have to check the in line fuse. I'll have a fuck around over the weekend I bet its something stupid. If you wanna come have a look at her in the weekend be my guest man I'll flick you some cash for your troubles.
  10. Rolln666KE20

    KE20 alt wiring

    Morning man. Thanks for the advice. So got the valves and timing done, new battery and got a few cracks out of it and all of a sudden no dash lights no power at the ignition. I'm starting to think she might be cursed hahaha. Any thoughts
  11. Rolln666KE20

    KE20 alt wiring

    Id like to see what fallow corolla lover think but can't find any meets around here, i was just tryna get the engine bay looking a close match to the rest of the project.
  12. Rolln666KE20

    KE20 alt wiring

    Id like to see what fallow corolla lover think but can't find any meets around here
  13. Rolln666KE20

    KE20 alt wiring

    Yeah mate its for the windscreen washer, I just got some 6mm and 8mm silicone hose and sleeved it over the pipes
  14. Rolln666KE20

    KE20 alt wiring

    I havent adjusted the tappets that's why I thought it might have been the issue, I'll re install the dizzy at TDC and see if that helps any. Thanks mate your a legend
  15. Rolln666KE20

    KE20 alt wiring

    Hey man. Was wondering if you might be able to help again. So I just did the head gasket on my 4k it runs and idles sweet but as soon as I put load on it/drive its struggling hard! I was thinking maybe valve clearance as I think the gasket was slightly thicker I also had the dizzy out to paint the block. Anyway here's a pic of what I've done to the engine bay