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  1. Picked up a sad RT81 virus with a worn out 12r earlier this year, throttle assembly and other bits missing/broken from the car. If you have spare accelerator assembly linkages / side mirror/ carby / original wheels or any other factory parts please let me know! Would consider taking the whole engine if in good shape. Any leads or information to whereabouts of these parts welcome, would be happy to pay postage for parts. Located - Victoria Help me save it!
  2. I live in Melbourne but I will do some googling hopefully something of similar nature exists down here, thanks!
  3. Hi All, I am having trouble finding an Australian production master cylinder for my KE30, it would seem only the Japanese production cyl's are readily available, same said for the brake booster that seems to be few and far between. Any information on replacements that will bolt up / any information on where I can find a direct replacement is very much appreciated, this is my last step for a rwc. Thanks in advance - Luke
  4. Wow I need to remember to check this more, flushed the rad again the noise has changed, is less prominent.. leading me to believe there is probably some air still in there but as long as my motor isn't running dry like i thought I'm happy ! I was worried that it also looked a little dry under the oil cap but maybe i'm being over protective and that's probably a good thing. Thanks all
  5. Hey Guys, Yeah the light doesn't stay on after I've started it, the oil is brand new and as clean as it can be when i check the dip stick, I'll get a hold of an oil pressure gauge as soon as i can, for now she is staying in the garage. However i am hoping you are correct Jeremy sounds like a much better problem to deal with as i changed the coolant when i got it i don't remember the noise when buying the car or before hand, maybe i didn't burp it properly. if it helps the car never gets over half way on the temperature gauge or even to half way when driving, but doesn't go far being unregistered. Thanks
  6. I'll try to explain this the best as i can with my limited knowledge, There is a almost like a bubbling sound coming from the motor.. quite loud when idling on a hill, noticed this on my driveway Same tempo, doesn't increase when reving I suspect my oil pump is failing and the motor is quite starved for oil particularly on a hill. She has always been a little "tappety" but never really had anything to compare with Are my assumptions heading in the right direction? Should i be taking out the pump ? Any help much appreciated, getting ready to go for an RWC so want to get everything sorted best i can Many thanks
  7. I already changed it banjo, it hasn't made much of a different to be honest. Thanks mate but i live in Melbourne haha. Could it be just the cold weather/because the fan runs all the time rather than heat cycles ? it does warm up a tad when driving up a hill as well because it's working abit harder. I really have nothing to compare it to as my daily is a 94 and my folks cars are newer again.
  8. Thanks guys, I was using green coolant, was just concerned when i read up on green coolant diminishing ally heads + Toyota using red etc etc In terms of build up there is build up in the radiator ( as seen in photo) i flushed the system twice yet it keeps presenting itself, not as bad so I'm thinking maybe just as said above adding a flush additive might clean the last of it out. On that the car also doesn't tend to heat up stays quite cold.. yet that could just be the Melbourne weather. Thanks again!
  9. So long of the short, what coolant for 78 KE30? New to this, but want to try to get it right. Any help much appreciated !
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