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  1. Few good updates.....My rear panel arrived and it looks like it's been a newish panel stitched on to a rustier car. It's been hacked off the back of the donor so thankfully all those rusty bits like the remainder of the boot floor etc can just be removed as I only need the actual face of the panel. It's got a bit of pitting along the bottom valance and a few small holes, but it's miles better than the bent swiss cheese on my car at the mo. And I had my suspension mounts, struts and a few other bits professionally welded and certified etc Bearings removed from axles and minor repair to axle - wire wheeled up the hub faces and will need to replace a stud. Ball joints removed from LCA's, bolts swapped into straight (non bent) strut bar. Rusty section cut out of backing plate........which I then proceeded to put a hole in when cleaning up the welds ha ha will get it filled up easily enough. And the main event........leaf spring perches onto the AE86 diff housing And after a quick mock up and to check alignment......it is the goods! (will need to get bigger U-bolts for the larger diff housing) MMMM......professional quality welding Gave a few bits a coat of primer the other day, then some top coats yesterday while the weather was......warmer atleast. It got pretty cold once I had finished, hopefully that doesn't effect the6-8 hour cure time?? Had them all hanging together with the fan heater going to warm up the area....complete with hi-tech corrugated cardboard insulation barriers! Powercleaned the diff housing, doused the inside with CRC and gave it a rub down with rust converter, and another coat on the leaf springs. Also had the shitty paint blasted off the callipers and got some crappy tyres fitted to the wheels to get it rolling atleast. Ordered some bigger U-bolts and the lowering blocks/brackets are being modified to fit them. Also got a massive stash of new seals, bearings, bushes etc..... Now I just need another good day to finish off the top coats and the fun part of assembling all of this to get it rolling begins!
  2. 7 months for a heater box........yes, a pretty amazing custom fabricated heater box at that so not knocking it, but I was hoping for more........oh well........see you in 7 months ha ha
  3. Weekend car, cruise into town for the bread and milk car if I'm not busy working. Will hopefully take it around to some meets and shows etc - have a nosey in that scene
  4. Cheers mate - very slowly, but it's nice to be getting some progress. It's going to be a bit surreal seeing it on it's wheels again soon
  5. Some stuff has actually been happening....... Te27 Pedal box all painted and re assembled Got some wheels - 14x6 SSR Mesh. I need it on wheels for the panelbeater so these are good placeholders until they get a refurb or something else could pop up. The lips are a bit scuffed and one is a bit bent, but they'll be getting widened once the car is done if I use them. Jig made! It's a bit rudimentary and the welds are hideous but the Leaf Spring perches in pretty much the exact right space - tape measure measurements agree with the chassis repair manual. Just need to make a little bracket to keep the face at exactly 90 degrees, but after that everything is you see is ready for some professional cutting and welding. Also had a big stash of bits arrive ready for all the reassembly. All genuine Toyota except for the eBay bushes....didnt really want to go down the nolathane/urethane etc path. Included with all the bearings and shims etc were 2 little ae86 pedal cushions.....I took a gamble to see if they would fit my te27 pedal box....ah yesssss. OCD satisfied. Before.... After.......perfik
  6. There's a guy over here that makes te27 replica seat skins and door cards.......he does a few other models and celicas too. He does amazing work but is pretty much booked out months in advance......the legend is growing!
  7. Long time no post.......2 business's and 2 small kids and buying the house will do that to your time and $$.....but....... KABLAM!!!!!! I've spent a bit of time working on my other Toyota project....to fund my other Toyota project..... I am waiting for space to clear up at the Panel shop to get the body work underway. In the mean time I've managed to track down a few panel cuts and some NOS to boot! There's been a few false leads of random shells around from as far as Horopito to the Phillipines.......Horopito turned out to be a ke35 and the Phillipines never eventuated. I am still excitedly waiting to hear on another potential shell. I was picking up some camera's for a video job and the guy had a 1200 coupe in the garage......as I usually do now, I asked him if he had a spare ke25 shell and turns out he does.......it is yet to materialise but I will keep chasing this up! Just need a drivers side now! Also have a complete rear panel (Taillight surrounds/lower valance etc) currently in the next ML Racing container form Japan. NOS indicator lenses - Much shiny goodness!
  8. try yahoo auctions.....or through a translate/purchase site like BUYEE.jp and do a te27 search. That'll be a good start, but there are people around who do buy stuff in from japan if you can track some down
  9. next episode comping on the 25th!! teaser trailer
  10. My 75 had wood grain, so does my 73.....They're both facelift so not too sure on the flat front earlier models. From what I can gather, the SR models like mine had the woodgrain and rev counter dash. The lower Spec models were the plain black.......which looks better IMO.
  11. yup the NZ spec ke25 had the woodgrain dash
  12. ahh woodgrain dash?! Thought all the TE27's were black interiors?
  13. PROGRESS!!!!!!! Picked up the shell etc from getting blasted and primed. Waikato sandblasting did a good job of removing all the rust, paint etc from the underside and engine bay, and everywhere i couldn't........and with no panel warpage. No extra rust uncovered! just a few spots where it's true extent was revealed Also just a little bit of motivation (courtesy of some dude in the pillipines - SIC) ALSO: Engine is all good, just need 0.5 OS pistons and new rod bolts. Diff is all stripped and ready for leaf spring perches to be welded on.
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