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  1. Ali's Ground Up Ke25 Rebuild

    There's a guy over here that makes te27 replica seat skins and door cards.......he does a few other models and celicas too. He does amazing work but is pretty much booked out months in advance......the legend is growing!
  2. Ali's Ground Up Ke25 Rebuild

    Long time no post.......2 business's and 2 small kids and buying the house will do that to your time and $$.....but....... KABLAM!!!!!! I've spent a bit of time working on my other Toyota project....to fund my other Toyota project..... I am waiting for space to clear up at the Panel shop to get the body work underway. In the mean time I've managed to track down a few panel cuts and some NOS to boot! There's been a few false leads of random shells around from as far as Horopito to the Phillipines.......Horopito turned out to be a ke35 and the Phillipines never eventuated. I am still excitedly waiting to hear on another potential shell. I was picking up some camera's for a video job and the guy had a 1200 coupe in the garage......as I usually do now, I asked him if he had a spare ke25 shell and turns out he does.......it is yet to materialise but I will keep chasing this up! Just need a drivers side now! Also have a complete rear panel (Taillight surrounds/lower valance etc) currently in the next ML Racing container form Japan. NOS indicator lenses - Much shiny goodness!
  3. Te27 Parts wanted

    try yahoo auctions.....or through a translate/purchase site like BUYEE.jp and do a te27 search. That'll be a good start, but there are people around who do buy stuff in from japan if you can track some down
  4. Corolla Ke25 Project From Malta

    that's looking pretty fly
  5. Celica Gt4 Into Mini

    next episode comping on the 25th!! teaser trailer
  6. Te27 In Cali...close To Completion

    My 75 had wood grain, so does my 73.....They're both facelift so not too sure on the flat front earlier models. From what I can gather, the SR models like mine had the woodgrain and rev counter dash. The lower Spec models were the plain black.......which looks better IMO.
  7. Te27 In Cali...close To Completion

    yup the NZ spec ke25 had the woodgrain dash
  8. Te27 In Cali...close To Completion

    ahh woodgrain dash?! Thought all the TE27's were black interiors?
  9. Ali's Ground Up Ke25 Rebuild

    PROGRESS!!!!!!! Picked up the shell etc from getting blasted and primed. Waikato sandblasting did a good job of removing all the rust, paint etc from the underside and engine bay, and everywhere i couldn't........and with no panel warpage. No extra rust uncovered! just a few spots where it's true extent was revealed Also just a little bit of motivation (courtesy of some dude in the pillipines - SIC) ALSO: Engine is all good, just need 0.5 OS pistons and new rod bolts. Diff is all stripped and ready for leaf spring perches to be welded on.
  10. Ke20 Diff To Ae86 Conversion

    so did they make you shorten your diff and axles in the end??
  11. hey luke Do the rear light lenses fit on the facelift brackets also?
  12. Ali's Ground Up Ke25 Rebuild

    Good stuff! Those are some gnarly looking hard working hands :) Looks like a LHD booster with that heat shield? did you need to replace much inside? some rubber seals?
  13. Ali's Ground Up Ke25 Rebuild

    That's a good NOS score! - what do you reckon about NovaLuke's booster in the pics above? same one? I'd love a copy of the manual mate! don't suppose it includes re-assembling a te27 pedal box also?? Mines off to get sandblasted and painted so I can reassemble it. I'll do some more digging about the pan hard, shouldn't be a major by the looks of it then.
  14. Ali's Ground Up Ke25 Rebuild

    Finally put an engine stand to proper use This is my first time ever pulling an engine apart and it's going pretty well so far. Filthy as but looks in pretty good nick for 250plus kms Turns out I went to college with the guy that owns the local engine rebuild shop so I'll be sending the block etc off to them to get it cleaned up and sorted for the rebuild. Started prepping the ae86 diff for trimming off the mounts. The drain plug is STUCK, oh well we'll sort that later.....I was told I could keep the pan hard bar mounts for on the ke25...... a) be gentle........... which one are the pan hard mounts? I assume I'll need to fab a mount on the chassis? Also had a few more goodies turn up in the mail..... Te27 booster arrived! Whats the story abut cleaning/fixing these up? will the guts go flying everywhere if I open up the booster to clean it up?
  15. Ali's Ground Up Ke25 Rebuild

    one shipment of goodies arrived.....few more parts to get and i'll get the front suspension all assembled and ready for later. (just found my camera again so better photo's from now on too)