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  1. Can negotiate price and am willing to swap for something also
  2. It's running a 3kc motor with a stage 4 Auckland cam, twin dual barrel dcoe40 webber Carbies, shimmed oil pump, heat wrapped extractors ,exhaust, lightened flywheel , new rear leaf suspension, new front springs, t50 five speed gearbox 15x7+10 performance super lights with bridge stone RE003 tyres. revs to 8000rpm and it's loud! Really fun car. quiet on idle but loud when you put your foot down! new baby is the reason for selling. sad to see it go. But I know you guys will give her a good home. 13000
  3. Oh it's for sale now too if anyone wants to buy it! I'll put an ad up in the for sale section here. New baby. Can't fit seat in the back of a KE20!
  4. Yeah 15x7+10 offset. Fronts scrub so gotta get some smaller tires
  5. Yeah it was half done. I put on the Carbies new springs muffler wheels and spoiler so far.
  6. Yeah it's pretty clean. Needs a touch up here and there and the interior could use a new roof lining but she ain't bad.
  7. Yeah I moved here in Feb from Melbs although I bought it here. I've changed it up a bit though, different wheels, spoiler Carbies and whatnot.
  8. Yeah it's pretty clean. Needs an interior retrim but it ain't bad. Had it on the dyno the other day and made 60rwkw from a 1200cc! Power!!!
  9. Hey all. Just wanting to introduce myself and say hi. I'm new to the club having never had a rolla before now. Hoping to get some future advice on anything Toyota related and hope I can share some if my limited knowledge as well! Here's my 74 KE20 two door. It's running a 3kc motor with a stage 4 Auckland cam, trd pistons, twin dual barrel webber Carbies, shimmed oil pump, extractors exhaust and all that crap. There's some other stuff too that I forget but my god it's fun to drive! Anyway hello and hopefully can join one of your meets in the future. Cheers
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