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  1. Hey guys, Ive advertised this on gumtree, so ill just dopy the info thats up there. Otherwise follow the Link http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/springwood/cars-vans-utes/1977-toyota-corolla-wagon-ke36/1115771011 Guys, for sale is my very awesome, very good condition KE36 wagon! I've been the third owner, and It's had it's whole life in the Sydney region. I've had a few of these KE corollas and it's been the best for sure. -Minimal rust (Small bubbles under fuel cap, and some in the rear boot seal area. Fixable!). That's miniscule for these old cars. -Low kilometers, especially on the engine (it's a refurbished replacement engine 8 years old) - Runs really well. Has been super reliable! - No modifications apart from the wheels and a brake upgrade. I installed KE70 front struts, brakes and lowered King springs. - Good paint! - 4 speed manual, 1.2 L 3k engine - Brand new bonnet (New Old Stock part) There is a bit of hail damage on the roof (see photo), and a dent in the right front guard. I've got a spare guard included in the sale (white). The interior is a bit average. The front seats are pretty ripped up, and in gerneral its the lowest spec model of car so it would be worth it and a fun project to find cooler doorcards out of a KE30 or KE55. Anyway, test drives welcome, I need to sell this thing ASAP as I keep changing my mind (Except we really want to buy a Van). my number is 0410 949 385 No lowballers. Please. Pick up only! Located Blue Mountains, just west of Sydney (and right near a train station if you want to drive this home!) Sorry about the lack of photos, you can see them in the gumtree ad, or i can text anyone interested!
  2. Up for sale is my KE38 Corolla Wagon. It has been my favourite car!!!!! I'm selling it as it is our 3rd car though, and I need the money. Would like to sell ASAP! Rego 1/4/16 4k (1300cc) engine, 4 Speed Manual. Lowered (on blocks). Bucket seat. Exhaust. I've had 5 KE corollas (mostly sedan ke55s) but this has been my favourite for sure. I love the colour inside and out, the engine is strong and reliable, and it has bucket loads of character. the bad (if you care): -Some guages don't work (fuel and temp). -Doesnt handle well. Rides pretty rough coz' low! Needs a wheel alignment too. -Rust in bonnet and some other small spots (mostly fixed). There are a few spots in the boot seal, and theres a small section on the drivers side front door (inner corner). -Tires will need replacing (worn on edges from bad wheel alignment). -Has the wrong grille (datsun 1200 i think). - boot doesn't stay up. I'm sot sure how the mechanism works but I'm sure it's fixable. Otherwise run gas struts I guess? It must have been in a front end crash at some point, but has been fixed apart from the proper grille. PRICE Reduced to $2000. Not willing to go lower. Anyway, call me to see it and drive it! Located in Springwood, Blue Mountains, just west of Sydney. Ro - 0410 949 385
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. Pretty bummed! There aren't any other explanations for this problem hey. Well, is a bent strut unsafe, even if I ran lower offset wheels? Would like to get it fixed, but don't have the means myself. Any idea how much it would cost to fix the strut once I confirm bend?
  4. Are ke20/ke25 struts different, because even on the standard strut there is hardly any clearance, and yet previous owner assures me that there was lots of clearance on his ke25 (no spacers used). They are pretty high offset, but I thought they would fit my car based on the 25.
  5. Hey Rollaclub I bought a set of wheels that were run with no problems on a lowered ke25, but when I put them on my KE20, the front right wheel and coilover hit. the actual rim presses against the coilover, whereas i have a few mm clearance on the drivers side, and everything is good. All wheels are the same size and offset etc (13x 5.5 + 35 offset), and the coilovers are just modified ke20 struts (weld on coilovers made by previous owner). I tried a wheel on a standard ke20 strut and there was a tiny bit of clearance (<5mm from the tire). So this problem is only in one corner. All i can't think of is bent strut, but it doesn't look bent. Is it possible to change the angle of the hub any how? HELP?
  6. Hey mate, can't see you phone number anywhere. Do you have pics of these wheels on your ke25 other than the ones on photobucket?
  7. Hey guys. I got a KE20 last week, and scored a whoooooooole bunch of parts for it too. Too many things for me to store. Located Springwood, Blue mountains. Prices are negotiable, based on condition, but ill list them and give a rough price, or would swap for other parts (engine/ driveline stuff mostly). Note: all panels are white, all 2 door KE20, and the rubbers on the doors etc are not great. Sorry I haven't had a close look at anything, had to cram it all under the house. all glass is awesome. -2 x RFGuards -2x LFGuards -2x bonnets -2x Drivers side doors -1x Passenger side door -2x boots -2x front stone guard things (panel under grille) -1x front bumper -1x rear bumper (neither are perfectly straight, but no rust) - Front windscreen (no damage) - Rear Windscreen (no damage) - 2 x drivers rear windows (the hinge out type) -2x passenger rear windows (as above) - 2x silver grilles -1x crossmember -1 x radiator support - 1x chrome fuel filler cover/ vent -1x as above but drivers side. 1x set of rear tail lights Have a few assorted plastics too, and other random stuff too. in a box Prices (negotiable!!): Lets say $75 a panel $50 per bumper $75 windscreens $25 per window $not sure about other items. I'm really not sure how much any of this stuff is (typically or based on condition) worth. Make offers, come have a look etc. Saving money to get my KE20 on road! Would be interested in K engine stuff/ wheels possibly. Not keen to post, sorry! text Ro, 0410 949 385 Located Springwood, Blue Mountains (Just west of Sydney) Coilovers in pic not for sale!
  8. Thanks parrot! Only things in that list I haven't done are reconditioning ANY brake system parts, and changing diff oil and wheel bearings. Thanks for the help, I'll try and find my old Gregory's manual (KE55) and hope the processes for the different cars are similar.
  9. Thanks Peterd, good tips! Of course, I want it to be safe anyway, and ill clean it right up!
  10. Hey guys/ gals! I am hoping to pick up my KE20 this week, having it couriered to Sydney as we speak, so I haven't seen it in person yet. Excited. This car is going to become my daily driver, but ill need some advice on getting it back on the road. Heres what I know about it so far: -KE20 2 door (unsure of year) -Has been in a shed on a farm in Western NSW since year 2000. - Previous owner pulled it out, cleaned the points on the dizzy and got it started. - It drives (well, apparently) - Manual 3k 4speed. - Standard as far as I know, apart from foggies. -Has minimal rust, but some fairly sized dents (may need new boot lid and FR guard) So where should I start in terms of getting it ready for Blue Slip given that it's been sitting so long? I have access to a spare 4k engine and KE55 Suspension. Should I expect the gaskets to be damaged, parts seized, rust in fuel tank? What would you guys do? Any help super appreciated!
  11. Hey guys and gals, Selling my yellow KE55, 4k 4 speed. Blue Slipped and fully registered as of yesterday (19/11/14) for 12 months. Its a really cool little rolla, goes really well! Pretty crap paint job tho- good from far, but far from good! But there are great things about it too! -Manual, 4speed. Really tight box! - Strong motor, way better than my last rolla's. Reset valve clearances, new filters ( air and fuel filters were super dirty). Haven't found any oil leaks. - Interior is awesome. No cracks in the dash, original stereo, nothing cut or broken. Has a few small rips in the drivers seat (but has sheepskin cover on it anyway!) - Round headlights (grill is a bit damaged) - Black ended bumpers - Chrome trimmed tail lights - Comes with spare sports exhaust, but looks like current one is new (standard). - Comes with spare front bumper. - Comes with spare brake shoes (rear) Rust wise there were a few bits that i hit with the wire wheel, rust converted and then bogged (Just small holes). There is another bit in a door jamb but the mechanic didn't care about it. I rust converted it too. All i know about the history is that it was club regoed before I got it, badly painted and rarely driven. I think there was a bit of junk in the fuel filter because the last owner put some lead supplement in the fuel, and rarely drove. Anyway, replaced the filter and it runs sweet. Ill be driving it as a daily till it sells, I love the car! Have to sell only because we are having our first kid in April and need the money! Nrma Greenslip + Blue Slip + RMS rego + new number plates cost me well over a grand, but at least it's ready for the buyer to pick up and drive home no hassles! Advertising it here for $2500ono, but more on gumtree, Text me on 0410 949 385 Not really negotiable, I have to sell it to the highest bidder unfortunately! Located in Springwood, Blue Mountains, just west of Sydney, NSW Could probably deliver if buyer lived near public transport.
  12. Thanks so much Altezza! Really helpful guide there! Well I'm not sure that I will modify this one. I just want it to run smooth and to the best of it's current ability and then chase rego. My last ke55 I had a go building a whole 5k with some machine work in the bottom end (reground cam, bigger bore and balanced crank), and the Corolla before I had a go at getting the head machined after blowing the head gasket. These cars are such a good platform to learn on, and a platform I have no desire in going past! I'll do my best to get it running without outsourcing, and then who knows where that will take me. I never really got to experience the fruits of building the 5k as I sold the car soon after building the engine. Thanks for the input! I need it again!
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