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  1. Ahhh so he was the one who ruined my boot lid by drilling holes and gluing bolts in to hold on the spoiler that didn't even fit! Haha Thanks for the vehicle history guys! hahaa
  2. Hey, I now own this. Would love to chat about the vehicles history and get some background. Send me a message, thanks mate!
  3. If you can find the old ad let me know I've only recently got it. It does need some work.
  4. Here she is. Hope you like my KE20
  5. Thanks for all that info Pete! I already love the ol' girl. Just needs a bit of TLC. Which it's gonna get! (sorry bank account) haha
  6. Thanks for the reply! My vehicle is: 1974 Corolla KE20 2 door Coupe Engine: 3K 1.2L (EDIT: it's actually got a 4K in it!) Gearbox/Trans: 5 speed (I think its a T50) Carbs: 2 x Webber 40 DCOE 151 New exhaust and extractors New "minilite" style rims with Potenza RE003's A bad paint job The previous owner told me (but I can't confirm) that it has a hot cam, new valves and pistons.
  7. Hey there, I've recently got my first KE20. This forum seems like it'd be a great source of knowledge, but it seems kinda dead? Probably due to social media and the fact you can't upload photos?!? Anyone still here???? I already have a lot of questions, so I hope someone still hangs around here! - Can you buy the inner wheel arch plate that bolts in at the rear of the front wheel well (if that makes sense)? Or is it easier to fabricate a new one? - My rollla has a replacement dash which is too narrow and doesn't fit correctly? Shitty aftermarket part and they're all like that or should I find a new one? - Any good links to how to tune WEBBER 40's? - Anyone added a remote (servo) brake booster? The stock anchors are pretty average - WHERE TO BUY REAR SPOILER? Anyone found a nice TOM's Performance one or anything? I have one which has been very poorly installed by previous owner - Any good screw/bolt kits to buy? - Places to check for rust? Window sills, foot wells, and spare tyre hole are all pretty clean? Any other spot that rollas rust out I should check? - Are they too early for VIN numbers? Can only find engine/model/chassis numbers. Thanks in advance! James
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