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  1. I broke a 55 axle once "just driving around". Weldies put so much strain on the whole drive train, not just the axles. If the axles were somehow super strength, you'll just end up blowing out spider gears.... or maybe a gearbox instead. Yep, I've done both of those too. Haven't run a weldy since. And you know what... I now put 180rwkw through a stock ke55 diff and life is peachy. Just my 2c.
  2. You're all good mate. All that really matters is bore size.
  3. Pull up on the reservoir. It's not bolted in, it just slides/clips onto the bracket you're trying to remove 😉
  4. Both of my 55s have been the square headlight variant and can confirm the 'E' on the end of the chassis number banjo. Yes searching for it won't really turn up the results you want. The phrase "square headlight ke55" would probably give more success. Does your car have the long bumpers too?
  5. I've been very tempted buy these in the last week. It is a lot of money for ultimately not a lot of gains though.
  6. Eeew that's not right at all. Maybe 3k push rods in a 4k?
  7. Pretty sure I've got a spare 55 booster somewhere
  8. Don't think they show the failure in this vid, but same pins This what you mean by old school? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/352992764698?hash=item523002231a:g:tacAAOSwpfBfo2pJ&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA4H3pMN%2F64bzi5JNc9fNIx8CyPGu5OfvOyFExqb%2B1e%2FWgB6nvDklG13o5UowFt4EWFbAeKw930zVAT9k1YplWsJ1SFvW99YIUSJs%2Fij8Fd9Ebs%2BDsKVAILO0a6W4pp%2Fn1j9xCHrWY%2FgweaalU5hGF2U2YC0te5DYf8B%2BBIangK8Ap1dl1A1gvdAbuALwi2LrN5xepees%2FYJeCnll4JPUe6YxxdhmuYzzeRlFaZeDZlU2Np0h7L5CTrbLvn1LVJNav2dmH%2BIaFQSoRLlWfpLDyvAn38dLUUprSRF0Cv%2BhXnbwX|tkp%3ABFBMuNPuyO9h
  9. I can essentially also use the bracket for a bit of up and down alternator position adjustment.
  10. Yep aeroflow one is polished. Yes, I tighten up the inside ones first, then the outer one once the tension is set up top. There is the potential for a little bit of flex in those 2 little plates, so doing them first kind of eliminates the possibility of them being or of square. It was always going to be a temporary thing as I planned on making something better, but at the moment it ain't broke! I should really do it now while the car is off the road.
  11. Finally remembered to take a clearer pic of the bracket.... Alt bolts in the lower right part. The alternator I'm using is an aeroflow 140a
  12. It is a little hard to see, mainly because the alternator is polished and you're seeing some reflection of the bracket. My bracket is as factory. There's some alloy tube slid over the front of the inside bolt (through original bracket) to bring it out to the front of the alt, then another tube to fill the gap to the back of the bracket on the outside bolt... if that makes sense?
  13. Sorry for very late reply. Was just looking for a pic of something else and found this in my phone. As I said, pretty rudimentary.... but it works. The way this works give you a little 'up and down' adjustment as well, so I didn't have any issues with clearance between bracket and water pump outlet. You've probably created a little bit of the interference by slightly raising the alternator when you flipped the original bracket.
  14. I just used the v belt variant. Pretty primitive adapter bracket that took about half an hour to make. It's just 2 standard bottom bolts with tube over them to take up the difference. Not at home at the moment, but I'll try and remember to take you some pics in the next few days. 100a would probably be more than enough if you're not running all the electronic shit I have. Just my coils could (but probably never would) pull 40a.
  15. I'm running a 140a unit from a 308. Aeroflow jobbie
  16. 11 years and a single post OP... I doubt you're getting a reply mate
  17. Then you should know you need a front mount like what's in the vid above. 12a's and rx4/5 13b's only have front mounts. Mazda moved to side mounting the motors from s4 rx7 onwards.
  18. Maybe you need to do a little more research on older n.a. motors vs s4 rx7 onwards 😉
  19. And if that doesn't work, use a tea towel. Yes, a tea towel 😉
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