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  1. I have a few bits and pieces hanging around that i want to get rid of. KE30 Front and rear bumbers. Not pretty but straight. Rear one has some heat discoloration of the chrome from a fire. Looks like it may buff out with some autosol. $5 KE30 Grille. Good condition, no broken bits. Missing the chrome rings that normally go around the headlight opening however. $5 KE30 4-door, door skins(x4). Re-upholstered with some very swish looking purple velour. 👌 $5 KE30 New, never installed moulded carpet set (2 pieces) to suit 4-door, Black, Plush pile. I bought from Burson's many years ago but never got around to installing it. $5 Set of 4 wheels (no tyres) to fit KE30. Ok condition, some cleaner than others.Not sure what they are, except Australian made & 14"x6". $40 T-18 Diff. I swapped this out of a friends car, the car was still drive-able but he said the diff was sometimes clunky. I suspect there is a couple of sun gear teeth floating about in there.. $FREE I used to have a 4-Door KE30 with a 3T-C & 5-speed from a T18 so the below parts relate to that. Shortened tail shaft to fit between T50? gearbox and standard KE30 diff. $5 Hydraulic clutch actuator assembly from T18 that I fitted to the KE30. $5 I have run out of pictures for now but I do also have: 3x 3T-C engines of various states. One is complete and the other 2 were for spares. 1x T18 5-speed gearbox (T50 I think) complete with bellhousing. 1x T18 gearbox of unknown condition without bellhousing or output housing. 1x 3T-C lightened factory flywheel (as in, the factory flywheel has been machined to lighten it, not some fancy Toyota part). 1x 3T-C NEW Burson water pump. 1x 3T-C NEW Valve Regrind Set (VRS), includes head gasket. 1x reduction gear starter motor, was only found on 3T-GTE I think. 2x KE30 radiators. one with electric thermo fan attached. They were ok but have been sitting around for a long time. Other assorted 3T-C engine bits like clutch manifolds etc. I'll add more details later. I would prefer to just get rid of everything together. $100 for the lot and it's yours! I am in the Hobart area and I may be able to deliver to the Hobart area. I have an engine hoist if you want to collect with ute/trailer. Cheers! 👍
  2. Item is SOLD. For sale is a Quaife Quick Steering Rack - for non-power steering racks in AE86 and KE70 model cars. This cost me $256 to buy new and a fair amount in postage from Europe (80-100 dollars postage if memory serves correctly). This is unused and has been in storage for some years and as a result has some minor discoloration on one end that should not affect its use. As such I am looking for $200. Link to product website: https://shop.quaife....-pinion-kit-2-5
  3. Hi all, Looking for a nice slanty front bumper bar if anyone is wrecking a slanty in Tasmania. Let me know if anyone can help! Tom
  4. Got a couple of bits for sale after changing my fuel system. 1, Hornet 50L plastic fuel cell, foam filled with a Wisco cap. Has 3x fitting out of the bottom and 1 in the top which I put a 1 way valve in for a breather. Will also include the "Rox straps" which I used to hold it in - They're made for strapping down subs SOLD 2, Malpassi rising rate fuel pressure regulator. Perfect working order. Come with NPT to -6 speedflow fittings but I could probably also find some NPT barb fittings as well. $100 pickup or $115 express posted anywhere in Aus.
  5. KE30 4 Dr sedan - rolling shell - FREE Ok so I have had this Ke30 for ages and now want to get rid of it. The shell has been sitting around in the weather for quite a while now so it's not in very good condition but would be ok for khana cross or something.. I am carting it back to Hobart from the Tasman Peninsula area tomorrow (2nd Jan 2016) so if someone wants it I could deliver it somewhere in the Hobart area. Details of the shell below: Has no engine or g/box. Has wagon diff with larger drum brakes. Has modified pedal box to suit hydraulic clutch for use with 3T engine-g/box T18 wheels. King front springs - 1" lower KYB rear shocks - little use, but sat unused for long time. T18 steering wheel T18 seats - not bad condition but quite dirty now Central locking and soled locks installed. All glass / windows still installed Has had floor painted with sound deadener. The dashboard assembly is not in the car but i have it if you want it. I'm pretty sure all the door handles, seat belts and trims are in the car. Sorry if the orientation of the photos are wrong. It will only go to the wreckers as scrap if no-one wants it. FREE & CAN DELIVER ON 2nd JAN 2016 TO HOBART AREA.
  6. Hi all , ive got my 69 ke10 for sale, its been my project for a while now and I'm looking at other cars.4k 4 speed .Very neat interior, and very very little rust at all for a 45+ year old car. Comes with 13x7 hotwires Couple of dents here and there but overall a very solid project. Has all parts with it and a whole heap of spares. Located in hobart Tasmania. $2000 ono - dean
  7. Hi , after a sprinter SL badge the same as the one pictured ,for a mate of mine, anyone have one? Or know where to get one. Any advice or help would be much appreciated Cheers - dean
  8. Hey guys, I know these sell fast when they come up, looking for air cleaner to suit K motor twin carbs and throttle cable bracket (rocker cover mount) (bottom right in diagram) Will pay post from other states Tossing up between using my twin carbs or 32/36 on my 7k for my sprinter depending on whether I can get these parts Thanks, Chris
  9. Ke55 manual pedal box, perfect for auto to manual conversion. $50 Located Kingston, tas. Happy to post.
  10. Hello all, I am chasing a few parts for my 1969 Toyota Corolla KE15 Sprinter. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ELIGIBLE DONER CARS -KE10 (coupe only for door) -KE11 -KE15 -KE17 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PARTS NEEDED -Front left and right wheel guards -Front Stonetray -Driver side door CAR IS OF A SPECIFIC MODEL -Front stonetray is the type of which has parking lights on it. I am unsure if the version which has indicators will fit parkings lights in the slots. trimmings are not needed, (chrome, interior, handles, glass, hinges, lights, etc etc) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ITEM CONDITION -Does not have to be perfect, but must be good general condition. -must be free from major damage (large irreperable dents, holes or rust.) -Paint condition (if any paint) doesn't matter, as parts will be resprayed. -Willing to look at almost any part :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTACT DETAILS You can call or text me on --- 0458 677 210 or you can email me at --- <script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript"> /* */</script> or of course you can inbox me via rollaclub. Not on all the time however, would be quicker to use other methods^^^ Willing to negotiate a price and perhaps shipping if necessary.
  11. TRD 8 way adjustable (green) rear shocks. Perfect working order no oil leaks. $250 Shockworks parts. These aren't available separately, I bought a whole 86 kit and can't use these bit in my 55 so are brand new, never used. Very high quality parts from an Australian supplier with great reputation. Fairly compared to parts available from AJPS for price comparison..... Camber adjustable pillow ball strut tops. Cusco through AJPS.... http://www.ajps.com.au/parts/cusco.php .....will cost you $349. I'm asking $275 Adjustable rear spring platforms with 4kg springs. AJPS kits..... http://www.ajps.com....spring_seat.php ....are $299 WITHOUT SPRINGS plus $29 for tools. I'm asking asking $300 and will supply some tools Located in Hobart but happy to post anywhere. Willing to entertain reasonable offers and could work out a package deal on everything. Send me a PM or text on 0 four ate ate 551 782 Cheers, Si.
  12. WANTED: TOYOTA COROLLA KE 35, 55 COUPE'S ONLY. Looking for a good condition Rolling shell, (Could be Non-running a registered car) doesn't have to immaculate but it needs to be straight (Very little rust if any) and must have atleast 99% of the interior and exterior. Not fussed about the Engine condtion. COUPES ONLY. $2500.00 Just for the sake of price. CONTACT DETAILS HERE: http://www.gumtree.c...-e30/1087079992 LOCATION: LAUNCESTON Only looking locally for now. I also have an AE86 that I would consider Trading. AE86 Rolling Shell: Complete Exterior (Bars, Hatch, lights, Glass, Bonnet, Window trims, Zenki Lip⁄Side Skirts etc) New windscreen. Has had a full Respray, but still needs a lot a of work to make it perfectly straight. The interior is 90% Complete, Has Mr2 Driver and passenger Seat. Can Come with a Brand new JDM Tank. This would suit somebody that is planning on building a track Car or somebody that is Capable⁄willing to put in the work to make it a Tidy Street Car. I am trying to recover some of my lost finances in this build (Due to a dispute with the Spray Painter that painted this Car), So I am asking for EOI only at the moment.
  13. Hi, After recently selling my ke70 I have a few left over parts from a full 5k engine rebuild and spares. Ke70 4k distributor which came off 200xxx km 4k - $30 SOLD 4k/5k brand new water pump - $40 - Ae71 clutch master cylinder and accellerator cable - can I ask what they are worth? Then ad will be edited. 4k/5k Used water pumps x3 - $20 4k/5k rocker covers x 4 - $10 each 4k alternator and starter(SOLD) - $20 4k distributor - $20 SOLD Ke70 radiator - $40 Clock dash - $30 Black dash surround - $15 4k heads x 3 - 1 very good - $50 others rebuild possibly - $20 5k head - $70 sold 5k block cleaned and bored 0.02 - $250 sold Acl pistons to suit block - $100 sold Cam - $40 5 speed ke70 box - $90 sold 4 speed - $50 Ke70 xx blue door cards - $25 -sold Ke70 light blue seats front and back ( good clean and will be perfect ) - $60 sold 4k carby with manifold and cleaner - $30 sold 4k standard manifold - $15 sold Sump - $20 Heap of 5k hydraulic lifters and rods which I kept as spares - unsure if anyone wants Be best to PM me on here and for my number. Cheers Forgot my location, I'm in Hobart Tassie and can ship. Matt
  14. Yeah I have a whole heap of parts from rear windscreen for 38 wagon 80$ to coupe rear quater windows 50$ ea to tail lights 20$ to boxes just let me know what you need 0428188201/ 0428188213
  15. WANTED: TOYOTA COUPES CELICA OR COROLLA RA/TA25/28, SA63/RA65 COUPE (NOT LIFTBACK) KE36/KE51/KE55. Would consider something similar to any of these. Let me know what you have, Preferably Something non running, complete interior/exterior with good body work. $1000.00 for the sake of a price. I have an AE86 project that could be negotiated in a Trade if needed. Location: Launceston, willing to travel statewide. Not sure any Tassie Lads use Rollaclub anymore, but I thought I'd give it a go. Thanks to whoever owns the Red 55 for the Pic.
  16. Hi guys, I'm after a ke15/17 sprinter steering wheel... Anywhere around mainland or tassie ill be happy to pay for postage. But prefer tassie. Cheers Dean
  17. Hello all, This was my parts car that my dad was originally going to do up with me, but we've decided to sell it as he does not have time for it. 1969 KE15 Sprinter The motor In it is a 3K,and MAY run. Has a 4 SPD manual gearbox, despite the toyoglide badge. Has a lot of the trim, but bumpers are not perfect condition. All the glass is in good condition Dash looks in good condition. Body is in OK condition, No major crash damage. --needs panelbeating just about everywhere except boot,and doors. fair bit of rust, but not in major areas like pillars. Interior pretty far gone, but doors are in alright nick PLEASE NOTE: the red sprinter of mine is NOT for sale, so please do not ask....... Motor will turn, but we haven't worked on it so we don't know if it runs. We are in Tassie, Lenah Valley-------------- we can not deliver the car anywhere. Probably would be better to contact me by phone: Me (harry) 0487 438 851 My dad (peter) 0409 970 266 I do go to school of a weekday as i'm 14 so best bet would be contacting my dad. We are asking for $1000 but don't be shy to make an offer. WE WON'T SEPERATE PARTS!!!! you want something you'll have to buy the lot. Please be aware this is my first go at rollaclub marketplace so I barely know how to use it. Hopefully these pictures work Thanks, Haz and Peter This car an also be fund on gumtree.
  18. Hey, Roo damage....need some parts.... http://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/10940-sis-5kte-ke55/page__pid__694242__st__1005#entry694242 let me know what you have. cheers, si
  19. as title states,i have left and right rear quarter glass for ke10 2door in good condition no cracks or breaks.rubbers not to bad either. $75 a piece
  20. hi, i have been restoring a ke20 for a while now and its now for sale, it has had. bare metal respray on oustide in 2k peak white, fully covered in epoxy primer, all rust removed, dents beated out new carpet and gear boot new door rubbers and bailey channel, original 61xxx miles, i will say that the are genuine as the seats are neat as they come, havent been sat in very often, no tears in roofliner, door trims are great with only very minor tear in pass side it starts and runs great even the original radio and speaker work great!! i havent done: any mechanical work, it will need the brakes looked at, pedal is very hard, there are brand new monroe front strut inserts still in the box ready to go in, while brakes are being done its easy to put these in, new suspension bushes as i would say these are the original. drivers guard indicator, minor elec work, indicators don't flash so maybe a new flasher unit i don't have the money left to finish it off as i would have liked, i have spent around 200 hrs and gone over budget with it, as i see it, if you were to buy a ke20, have it painted, and basically get it where this car is, it would cost you around $7-8k very easily, the body and paint would cost $4-5k easily, i got quoted $5k and the guy told me to find new doors and guards!! this is not a show car, was never intended to be, its just an extreemly neat and straight original looking car. here is pics and the build http://www.rollaclub...019-krems-ke20/ will help with interstate shipping, we live 3 mins from main port in devonport, tassie price is negotiable at $5000 pls contact me on 0400821458, NO SMS, call before 9:30pm pls
  21. Hey all. Got a few bits and pieces left over here i gotta get rid of. Still have a bit of stuff to go through so i'll update ad as i find more. Late ke10/ Ke11 gauge cluster - $35 + Post Ke20/25/26 Brand New balljoints in box (Were $60ea at sparco) $50 the pair +post Ke10 boot badge, Little twisted but pulls down fine once bolted on. Chrome has some pitting but good condition $30 New KE30 Grill, No badge - $20 (No Post)
  22. Looking for a pair of ke10 corolla fenders in tasmania in good condition / restorable condition.. And any other ke10 parts . Cheers
  23. Hey guys, I am after a couple of parts. First of is a starter motor, in good working condition. Either a 3K Denso, or 4K Bosch distributor, in working condition. Located in TAS, but more than happy to look interstate. 0488137896
  24. Hey all. Selling my Celica to build my 1J crown. Have a full add on gumtree i'll link but i'll add some stuff here too. Has just had a bare-metal respray and wheel alignement. Has front and rear base adjust and damper adjust coilovers, Camber tops, 40mm rca's, ke30 lca's, P/s knuckles Entire supra rear end, LSD, Camber kit etc, 15x8's with new tyres. Too much to list and most of it near new or under 500k's old. Has the original 2s back in it now and goes pretty well for it is, Was rebuilt before i bought it. I've owned this 5 years, Stripped it to a bare shell, Replaced ever panel at-least once and built it up to what it is. $4900 firm, Will entertain the idea of interstate freight if you organise. Cheers http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/kingston/cars-vans-utes/1983-toyota-celica-coupe/1067329149
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