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  1. Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    Thanks mate, We went with 2pack in the end. Yes the prep seemed as though it would never end.. though it finally has. I'm very impatient to put it back together right now but it needs the 1500 grit treatment and polish first.. I'm certainly hoping to be rolling soon! Itching to get my new wheels on to see how they look with the paint!
  2. Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    Important news everyone! The Sprinter is now painted! It was sprayed on Thursday afternoon, 18/01/2018. Five days before my eighteenth birthday! (One excellent present if you ask me) Dad did a fantastic job on the gun, the paintjob is absolutely gorgeous! There are a few imperfections that will be corrected with a light rub and a good polish. I'm off to go get some 1500 and polishing compound this morning.. though we still need to wait a while before we can do anything too serious. For now, I'm happy just to sit in awe of it's beauty. The paint went on well, and didn't reveal any body imperfections we weren't already aware of. Absolutely stoked with the outcome. I did mean to mention in the last post too, I found a nice set of wheels and bought them. They are gold meshies-style. 13x6 all round, so i can use my tyres from my ford wheels. They were 100 bucks, but at the other end of my state. Luckily, I have a friend who lives in Burnie that i met by pure coincidence when we both saw each other riding 1988 Honda MC19's. That week of ridingwas probably one the best I've ever had. Regardless, I sent him some cash and a bit extra for his time. They're at his house for now, until either he or I make the journey. That's all for now. I'm stoked with how it turned out... keen for the mechanical side of things to come in shortly..
  3. Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    https://www.rollaclub.com/wiki/index.php?title=Ke10_Disk_Brake_Conversion This is the thread I'd found a year or so ago, that's for the brakes which is really all I need. Just need a new bearing for each side by the ssounds of things, then it should all work out! Intrigued as to lowering the front. Will keep the spare parts in the stockpile in the case of it being obtainable relatively easily!
  4. Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    I'm not familiar, I always assumed they were the same pattwrn at the strut top amd could be swapped our easily. Nevermind though, if i have to mix and match at least I will have all the needed parts. :^)
  5. Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    Small update; Got a few goodies soon to be on the way soon! Most excited about the struts for the KE20 disc brake conversion! There was a fantastic thread dedicated to doing just that... I'll be sure to have a dig through our forums for it. As for the struts themselves they seem in reasonable nic, hoping the seals are intact and ready to bolt straight in. (I've wanted to do this conversion for a long time!) As for my new number-plates! FOX 383! 383 Is my dad's street address, dedicating part of to the plate to where I was brought up and to where the car is being built. FOX is more due to my obsession for the animals and my passion for drawing them etc etc- it's also a nickname of mine. of sorts. And I did need those rubber bonnet stop rubbers, just waiting forthe order to clear. Supposedly they're still away on holidays :/ Anywho! Excited for my new bits and pieces to come. Even more excited to (hopefully) spray the car this weekend!
  6. Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    G'day again, A pretty important stage has been reached today, as all bodywork has been finished! Very encouraging... as now all that is left to do is clean the hell out of the car and the garage itself. A last minute thought was re-drilling the holes for the badges.. I took a front wheel off and then drilled out the bog that had been used by the bodyworks by hand.. from there they could be drilled from the outside and self centered with the correct size drill bit matched to the other holes. Sadly, i can only manage the two photos at this stage. However.. I've compensated for that:
  7. Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    A quick update, though not a lot has happened Sprinter-wise. There is currently TWO spots on the car that need to be sanded, before the entire car can be masked, and sprayed. I get my license back on boxing day, so I also scored a cheap Hilux! Got myself a 1983 single cab LN50(?), manual SR5 with an 18R... May or may not have become an accidental project in itself. Has a few small issues but for the price I paid I s'pose I can't expect it to be immaculate. just some small electrical trouble with the battery not charging. Have replaced the alternator, regulator may be next... testing out a few things first with my stepdad. Also, In some other good news; My trial period at my new job has ended, and they have decided to put me on as a trainee for 2018 in Cert II automotive, as a technician at Co-op Toyota in Hobart. Oh what a feeling!!! So, starting my new job on the 15th of January, about a week and a half before my eighteenth birthday. Should make the whole "I can't do up my car because no money" situation a bit less so. Yet again my phone is having trouble with the photos. Though it worked last time. It is what it is guys haha
  8. Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    Another day spent on the car with a bit of news probably worth mentioning to the thread. Have sorted more and more imperfections that we have discovered, as well as fixing some of the larger problems too. We decided to chuck on some high-build primer in a few of the more....wobbly areas. Then sand some off a bit, etc etc. All bare metals is covered currently so that's a bonus too. We are ever-more edging closer to the big day... Christmas? No no, the REALLY big day -painting the extieror of course! The primer has revealed a few more tasks that need to be sorted but it's all slowly coming together. -despite often looking the same as the last post. Regardless, It's progress. And it's welcome at that. This is the summer it's going to receive the luscious red! Then she'll be put back together and we'll go for reg at some stage in 2018. Supposedly my phone's having trouble with photos- I'll see what I can do..
  9. Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    Hey again lads and lasses. Had the car out once more today doing some more prep work. (go figure) While dad was working on the driver side, i had a go at the somewhat wobbly roof-side that the bodyworks had, weirdly, overlooked. The good weather is coming back and I'm very excited about it. Being warmer is key to having this spray job done well.. given that we are having steady 20's, I'd say we're on the right track. Dad got the driver side looking great after a good rub down. Ready for prepsol and paint.... now for the rest of the car! The passenger side has a few very small dents to have repaired, but realistically there isn't a great deal in the way. Just a matter of time.
  10. Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    Ohh yes I do recall seeing these elsewhere I believe, quite cool. Shame there is only two. :/
  11. Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    Oh geez, loads of fun. I guess if I can get something super cool for cheap it'd be worth it but I think I'll have to do a lot of filtering through all the awful ones!
  12. Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    Wow, you're absolutely right. They're quite cheap, but, surely postage is what bites you on the bottom? -thank goodness I found the english option- Looks like a cool setup though. Bound to run into something cool. Cheers Parrot!
  13. Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    Hello again! Though I'd love to say that the car has been painted; that is unfortunately not the case. Having decided we would wait out the cold weather, we set the sprinter aside for a little while waiting for the all natural heaters to return to the garage. Certainly looking forward to it more and more. Now, although it isn't all helios T1507 red, I've done a little bit. The doors are now back on and hung (kind of) properly, I've discovered that my widened steelies are a little bit expensive to bother with, and have my door seals on. I also bought an entire spare 4K-C engine with a 4 speed box for 150 bucks! And just yesterday; I bought a great looking set of mags. 150 bucks, no tyres but being 13 inch they are easy and cheap to come by. I also "decided" to leave the roadbikes alone for a while. (I got caught speeding and am suspended ;p ) That said, I've sold my bike and have paid off my dad what I owed for the bodywork, and have a little bit of cash to poke the Sprinter with. Looking forward to seeing it painted. I hate to put dates on this build because they don't get met, but I'm thinking at this stage, by my eighteenth birthday (January 23rd) we should see it painted and almost ready (if not entirely) for rego. Here's hoping!!! So today; i went and got a few bitsand pieces to get the car going again. New oil, plugs, fanbelt, and my new -supposedly working- alternator. My wiring is shoddy but I will have someone who's a little neater have the car cleaned up. Also! Some new regarding my new fantastic and gorgeous wheels! ...they don't fit. They're 4X108 not 4X110!! :,/ so that means i put a fresh set of rubber on them for no reason... great. Real shame too. I love how they look on her. Have considered a few various options including redrilling, changing hubs etc etc.. but have decided I may as well jsut flog them off and see if I can get my money back. Give me a ring if you want them. (0458-677-210) haha Next thing on the to-do list is fix the remaining body imperfections on the roof and passenger door. From there, we can prep the body and get things going for one of the most exciting parts of this build...the paint!
  14. Ke10 Cmefry

    This car has a lot of history; please look after her! Though I'm sure you will, how could you not with such a machine haha
  15. KE25 / KE20 extra bits

    Hey cobber, I'll grab the boss kit if it's still there! Just shoot me a text on 0458 677 210, will transfer funds for it and some postage to Tassie. Thanks man!