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  1. KE25 / KE20 extra bits

    Hey cobber, I'll grab the boss kit if it's still there! Just shoot me a text on 0458 677 210, will transfer funds for it and some postage to Tassie. Thanks man!
  2. Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    Haha, yes dad certainly is being a legend when it comes to the Sprinter.. borrowing funds, a garage to keep her in, (Despite the mountains of crap we have in there!) spraying her for me, and being a legend in general. He used to own an XA Falcon, at one stage a TC Cortina, and a variety of other cars that we only wish now that we knew back then what we know now: He should have kept them all. He has had a bit of practice with respraying things over the years, and the Sprinter is a sign that he's still got a good knack for it! This photo of my dad's falcon is above my bed :) Occasionally, he will tell me about the cars he had. The falcon, big T-bar auto, 302ci V8. So low that it couldn't straddle a house brick on it's flat side! I've also seen a lot of great photos, some including some not so great hairstyles! ;)
  3. Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    Seemed to go pretty easy mate, we were advised to have a small heater in the garage to take the chill out of the air (as to not effect the paint) and mix the paint using a bit more hardener so that it dries faster. After a short while it was dry. It's been in the garage for over a week now and I am soon putting the doors etc back on as they are now completely dry. :)
  4. Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    Hey mate, yeah we went with 2pack and also used De Beer. Colour came up really nice off the gun. :)
  5. Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    Hello all, about due for an update i reckon!! We got the car back from Havnadip with the rust repaired and body ready to go! Had the boys there really help us out and to them we owe thanks! With the car being beautiful and straight, we were ready for paint! So over the weeks trailing the car's return, we slowly readied her for the first glimpse of that beautiful Helios red. Lots and lots of prepwork. Masking, sanding, etc etc.. lots of time and effort. Both of which are a bit hard to find considering I'm now in Grade 11 as a student!! (Money, too!) One way or another, with the helpof spectrum paints, the boys from Havnadip, our mates from KTM hobart and a handful of others, she now has a glimpse of what is to be! The insides of the doors, boot and bonnet are now red! Next on the plate is putting them back on, then preparing the whole body for the final spray!!! Very exciting progress! and massive props to my dad, who has done a fantastic job spraying the sprinter. Especially considering how long it has been since he last did it!
  6. Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    Rightio, bit of an update to do. The sprinter isn't seeing as much work as I'd like it to be, but regardless, at least it has seen SOME. I was happy to score my new speakers and head unit for Christmas. Not much better than getting car stuff for chrissy ;) Supercheap also credited me the difference when they went on sale, so I was lucky enough to score myself a few basic tools :) Had a good day working on it with my dad; Looking pretty good from here. Much of the bodywork is done, with only a few bits and pieces remaining. A few days later I got a mate of mine into working on it with me, after we'dgone for a motorbike ride. He helped me remove the windscreens... and; We did know that there was a little bit of rust on the front left corner of the windshield, but we didn't know to what extent. Unfortunately, even after our cleaning up, this is a shop job. We can't do it :/ So! Money! Yeah! We've rang the same bloke that helped with my doors, and in a few weeks we'll be able to take the car in to have the rust repaired. Slow progress, but progress nonetheless. I looks like from this point I will be borrowing funds off my dad and work my arse off to pay it back ao we can just get the car done. I think we're both keen to get that thing out of the garage.
  7. Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    That's pretty neat, definitely a good option to consider! I'd personally thought about something pretty newish and maybe even coloured? Dunno. I imagine the small details such as this will be a little while off anywho, haha. Bodywork and paint is current priority :/ Yes, dead careful on the bike.. have already had people pull out in front of me and cut me off etc.. This little thing has about as much horsepower as a lawnmower though! (Keeps parents happy) No wheelies for me..
  8. 2Jz Ke38 Project (Caged, Glide, 42Gtx) 700Rwhp

    My favourite engine sat in a beautiful ke wagon. What a great combo. Looks absolutely fantastic! Bet she is a blast to drive!
  9. Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    Right! Had a spare moment after work experience today, so I swung around to Craig's bodyworks in Moonah. Hadn't had a chance to look at my driver door hinges at all. So, apparently that'll be next week. Anywho, I've spent the last few hours in the garage tinkering. Sitting nicely in the garage all nice and dry. Bet she misses the street :/ So I've removed my dirty old philips speakers, making way for my new ones coming this christmas >:D they were wired poorly and were pretty old, so a fresh set should do well with upholding to my music addiction. Also removed my seatbelts. They didn't match, and probably would not pass the pits anymore. I'm unsure where to acquire new ones, but a good mate assures me Repco does them?? Underneath where my speakers sat, this would be a great spot for a small light to be. Maybe if I wired in a switch that's activated when the bootlid opens and have it automatically come on when it's up? That would be pretty neat. In other news, I got my motorcycle licence a few weeks back. Did the course on the weekend, got my licence on the monday, caught a bus and rode my bike back from launceston on Tuesday, went for a ride with my mates to the top of Mt. Wellington on Wednesday. :) The freedom is great. Will be even better once I can get around in my sprinter :0 Waiting on those door hinges. Once they're back, dad and I will spray inside the door frames and put them back on. From there, more paint!! Exciting stuff!
  10. Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    Bit more work yesterday with some bog finding it's way onto the roof! A few small dents around the place here and there, with the exception of a small high spot above the left side rear seat? Where some poor bugger has head butted the roof maybe :P Had a couple nasty dents in the rear, just below the bootlid, behind the bumper more or less. A few unorthodox techniques soon sorted them out :) Bit of bog on those too where it was needed and the overall result is quite good! The roof, where you can see each spot. The rear end, where theere was an outwarfs facing dent close to where the camera is, and where the car must've been rear ended and pushed the bumper inward to the car. Outside view some birdbrains!
  11. Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    Apparently Rollaclub changes ' M-I-N-T ' to 'overrated'? Haha. Sanded behind the grille area yesterday and removed the driver door hinges as they were slogged out. Last thing I need with a new paint job is having the door hit the body where it shouldn't be! Going to try putting in new pins ourselves, but we'll see what happens. May be a shop job. Was tinkering with my spare engine, decided to tear it down and have a look at the barrels and pistons etc. Grabbed my 14mm and had a go at the head bolts, very tight obviously, but got two off. Got to a pretty difficult one and ruined my socket :/ eh, that's fair enough for cheap tools I suppose. Grabbed my dad's instead, being Kinchrome it should be alright... -snap- guess not. We've also made plans to repair my wider set of steelies. (They're the white ones that came with the car.) Sand blast them, and spray them the same colour as the car's body and run them with the centre hubcap and perhaps a chrome edge. behind here is a pretty nice red!
  12. Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    Bit of work today and yesterday taking off some more paint and rubbing back little bits that needed it. Absolutely overrated couple days weather-wise. (being a dork for the camera) Then came lunchtime! When we decided we were in need of a bit of a break from boring old bodywork to have a bit of fun :P
  13. Haz's Ke15 Sprinter

    Thanks dude, you're absolutely right. The car will mean so much when it's done!
  14. Doogs' Ke20 - Lke020

    Car is gorgeous, mate. Come a long way!