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  1. I have these grand plans to put a 4age in my KE70. So far i have an old used and abused AE82 4age (which i believe is a 16v big port?), a RWD manifold and a tail shaft haha, I am debating on whether or not to send my manual pedal box to KE conversions over east to get it converted to a HYD clutch set up or just keep searching for an AE71 pedal box. I am planning on rebuilding/refreshing the 4age prior to installation but from all the people I've spoken to that had had NA 4ages they all seem to have been disappointed with the outcome and have told me to just to go turbo. How did you find the NA 4gae? and what are your plans with the 16v?
  2. Hey Ollie, I have just read the whole thread and i have to say AWESOME job man! I recently picked up an 82 KE70 sedan and have been working on getting it licenced. Ive converted it to manual with a K50 and I'm in the process of replacing the sway bar bushes etc. Anyway great job mate, I'm looking forward to seeing some more updates. Cheers
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