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  1. Thanks for the comments guys, word on the street is ebay is having 18% off sitewide tomorrow evening so i might pull the trigger then
  2. Hey guys, thinking of buying a replacement carpet for the rolla from Knox Auto carpets. Has anyone had experience buying from this seller, if so they have options for loop or plush pile? Any recommendations for what is best?
  3. Thanks man, really appreciate it. I'll be directing a lot of future queries your way I'm sure
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome Parrot and for the suggestion regarding TCCAV, i will get on to that right now. I would love to say i have big plans for the car but for the moment my plans mostly revolve around gettting the car running again and then look at getting the body sorted in terms of rust and then a new paint job and engine, new carpet and seats reupholstered. I've managed to get my hands on some genuine hayashi street rims also, I want to try and keep the car period correct as much and where i can. My first port of call is getting in touch with Peter Robinson who i believe is the man to see when it comes to these old girls. This is a bit of a joint project for me and 9 year old boy with our goal being to hopefully show it at the annual classic japan car show.
  5. Hi guys Andrew from Melbourne here. Long time lurker, bought a ke25 coupe deluxe approx 18 months ago from canberra which was only delivered last week as we have been building a house. I suspect some of you from Melbourne may recognise it as it has a vic club permit sticker on the windscreen. Anyhoo, look forward to meeting some of you and getting some invaluable info and advice from the rollaclub community.
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