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  1. Was hoping someone knows of a compatible diff to body brake hose for the ke70. Can’t find one around apart from undergroundgarage.no. Not sure if they’re reliable or not. But it’d also be $100 to get a $20 part shipped to me so was hoping there’s another cars hose that would work also. part no. 47316A cheers for any help.
  2. Hahah perfect. Will check underneath asap. I’ll have to look around for a diff in the meantime, cheers. Had a feeling it was a bit vague of a photo but wanted to show the location, here’s a close up. My left hand corner light has nothing and was glued on, is now zip tied on.
  3. Cheers for the photos, links and in depth how to's fellas, really appreciate it.
  4. Thanks altezza and banjo, i am yet to do a little more searching on the thermoswitch and so on but am gonna get to it in the next couple days so i can ship the parts. I wouldn't have known to do anything more with it so cheers. Sorry about the late replies, ive been trying to do some research so i actually understand my issues before i jump on here without a clue. But I have a few other questions 😕. (not sure if I'm doing this thread thing right. Ive kinda just piled questions onto a struggling to start post) But thanks everyone whos helped! First off, i figured out that it was my diff that was whining. Well possibly transmission. Just throwing it up here in case theirs anyone who experienced this or is knowledgeable about it. It seems to be HOWLING at around 80ish kms when accelerating. My first solution was to replace my diff oil but i haven been able to do this since my cars to low for my jack. I'm gonna just make a little ramp at work tomorrow. But until then was wondering if there might be another possible fix. Secondly, was hoping someone new if i could buy this part on ebay or something (below photo, slant front). Ive tried to search ke70 slant front corner light bracket / housing but can't find it. Maybe theres a proper name?. i messaged a wrecker hoping they can ship one over, just waiting on a reply. I tried to edit a line in, but apparently it comes off. Its the red black thing in the corner, left side of the headlight. (connects to the corner light and headlight) also wondering if i should make different threads for different issues? (i seem to run into a lot) i eventually will remove the thread or whatever it is i do with this, when I'm actually able to get under the car and start having a look at my starter, might (will) have some questions about it. Cheers.
  5. Cheers fellas. That’s exactly what I wanted to know and tons more so cheers, I’ll be looking at this countless of times. I’ll go do some research and try figure everything out. I’m sure I’ll have some more questions as I go along. But that should be enough to get me going for quite a while, legends! But yeah I plan on respraying once I get a new daily. as for the fan. There’s a switch running to the dash, a Thermoswitch would help but, because I forget to turn it on.
  6. So yeah there wasn’t an alternator bolt in it so that’s fixed now. As for the starter, the mechanic said he wasn’t able to get to it because the alternator or something wants to spin with it and he didn’t want to take it off for whatever reason, probably because he couldn’t be assed. So nothing changed there As for the thump, there’s a missing engine mount, so that’s an issue. And the steering... he’s said the wheel bearing about to bust out. wondering if it’s reasonable to ask for $300 to replace a wheel bearing and engine mount. Thought that was insane. Pretty sure I could figure out the wheel bearing if it’s basic tools. As for the engine mount, well I don’t even know which one so I’d have to go back and ask. But would I need to remove the engine to install? Or could possibly do from underneath?
  7. Thanks for that one mate that seems to be the logical answer! I’ve got it at the mechanic now so I’ll see what he comes back with.
  8. Ok so I cleaned all the connections from the battery to chassis, battery to motor and motor to chassis. I went out for a bit to test and see how it went starting after that. Started first try multiple times until I got home and tried to see if it happened again, and sure enough it has. I haven’t messed around with the starter yet as my jack stands are at work. Now to explain more problems in case anyone can help, or if they’re related. First things first, the timing belt is fairly loose on the left side, not sure how to tighten it. Yet to search around, have just gotten home. ive also noticed when idling in traffic the car seems to thump, quite noticeably. It’s coming from my butt, so transmission? I noticed checking the bay while keeping it idling that the “thump” causes the engine to jolt, carby side pushes down, so maybe to do with the carby? I have also noticed that when pressing the clutch to change gear (I usually notice it changing to 3rd gear, but I think it’s random) it rattles or there’s a rattling noise, also very noticeable, until I release and start accelerating. and for the last thing, there’s smoke coming from my 3rd cylinder. I noticed the engine was damp around the area so might just need a clean down. I am planning on taking it to a mechanic today to get it checked out, but any information that you can give for me to check, or to let the mechanic know would be heaps of help! also if anyone has a recommendation for a good mechanic in Caloundra? -Training Wheels aka Caleb.
  9. Great community. Thanks heaps that's actually helped my head grasp what my first move is a lot, so thank you! Ill get onto cleaning the terminals now! well, after i buy a pipe cleaner or something of the sort. As for the engine bay (ill post some photos soon), It hasn't necessarily been neglected, more just thrown together. Performance... i mean i guess its fairly smooth, bumpy asf since hes put lowered king springs in it and its bloody shocking to drive, but engine wise.. it holds up. He said the owner before him supposedly rebuilt it but he had no proof. But he said when he changed the rods and saw in it, that it looked healthy. But he lied about a bunch of other sh*t, so who knows. And for the check over, I'm the sunshine coast but cheers for the offer mate that would've helped heaps! If anyone knows a mechanic in the Sunshine Coast which is particularly better, that would be heaps of help! or if you're a legend and are able to check it out, feel free to message me!! Cheers mate.
  10. Cheers for the quick response and the help mate! ill get onto researching how to do all that and get onto it in the next couple of days. Ill take photos along the way and keep posting my progress. Legend.
  11. So I've just picked up a ke70, 4kc, manual, for far to much $ but it is what it is. Its my first car and am just planning on learning on it. I'm new to the forums and have been aimlessly looking for a solution but am yet to find a thread with much guidance as i am extremely new to this. So... The thing struggles to start. Every morning when i go to drive it the car will crank and then ill give it some gas and it'll start up on the 1st to 3rd go. But i find when i start and stop it continuously the problem just gets worse and worse; Ill go to turn the key and all i hear is a click, then when i hold my foot on the accelerator and i go to turn it, then it will crank over - Maybe I was at the bank getting money out, went to go start the car and no matter what i did it wouldn't start (I'm sure if i just kept trying it would've eventually started). But the banks right next to a battery world so i got them to test my battery, and all was fine. He told me to get it home and get someone to look at it because he thinks the starters gone, but i don't have that someone and I'm hoping someone can lead me in the right direction before i take the car to a mechanic. These problems are pretty random but, sometimes ill only hear a click, sometimes It'll start first go, and sometimes It'll just take some gas to get her going. I've searched around and only can relate to a few issues that involve the starter motor / solenoid and maybe the ballast resistor or battery? but the battery seems to be all fine. Any help is greatly appreciated!! -Caleb
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