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  1. Wtf haha does it actually work any good, please explain the whole process and everything you can say about the build ..seems legit lol
  2. I can't start my ke70 CSX 4k 1984 plx help and what is it missing?. ,
  3. Unsure why won't start seems to have No spark also their is a random plug unsure what it goes in too
  4. Wondering if anyone has made their own turbo kit for a 4k before and how difficult what you need and need to do? I was looking at my ke70 and thought hmm maybe I could put my turbo that is laying around in the girlfriends shed on it give it some boost life... Zutuu.
  5. Tried making one failed so bad girlfriend told me I would not like the out come 😕 she knew it haha
  6. Brought it with no starter motor and cheers for reply I'll give it a go :)
  7. So I brought a mint ke70 and has no starter motor its a automatic 1.3 litre CSX 1984..i can get a ke30 manual starter motor but really having trouble with the whole idea of it not going to work as they aint cheap i will get annoyed and girlfriends pregnant so don't wanna waste money that is why I am asking if ke30 starter motor will work as I've read I can use a auto starter motor in a manual but what about manual starter motor to auto 😕 ??? Will it work? Or Why would it not work? Or How could I make it work? Cheers (:
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