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  1. Ok thanks! And he lost control on a gravel road (not going very fast) and hit a tree the width of the headlight, which is smashed. its only the left side which is effected and the front passenger panel appears to be pushed out a bit further then the drivers side
  2. Hey guys, a few monthes back my cousin had a minor crash in my 1986 dx, the front is damaged up untill the radiator so its not to bad, i have got new headlights,bumper etc but i hopped in and went for a quick drive and the steering is very very hard to turn, alot harder then usual anyways. Iv been told its a bent steering arm, is this true or what could it be! Cheers! :)
  3. It eventually starts up but its such a pain, i usually have to mess around with the choke. it just doesnt fire up, just sits there and makes that noise when a car can't start. and na its not a click. Havnt done any tuneing ect
  4. Hey there guys i own a 1986 Dx corolla wagon and I'm kind of new to the car scene. I'v had this for about 4 months now but iv been to busy to work on it. My main problem is i can't use it as a daily runner because of how unreliable it is at the moment, probally because of the previous owner.. Whenever i try start it i usually have to turn the key over about 5 times, it start and stops/ floods, and when i stall it, or stop it at the gas station, i can never ever get it started again it and preety much have to get toed home. it just refuses to turn over! Drives me insane, but can anyone shed some light on this, it may be a simple fix.. my main goal is just to get it starting as soon as i turn that key! I'm new to the car scene and any helps appreciated, thanks ! :)
  5. (ke701986 dx corolla, wagon) Seriously thinking of dropping in a 7k engine, pro's cons? was initially thinking of a 4age but i seriously lack experience apart from a couple family and freinds that could help. so 7k it's gunna be. How hard is this to do, and what do i need to look out for when buying a complete engine? Help much appreciated :(
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