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  1. Connor Bowden

    Ke70 Scuttle Panel

    Hey all, Will slant front scuttle fit flat front everything else? Cheers, Connor.
  2. Connor Bowden


    Hi all, Desperately in need of a ke70 scuttle panel for flat front. If any could hook a brother up, I will be indebted. Located on sunny coast QLD Connor
  3. Connor Bowden

    CB’s Green Ke70

    Need to buy a scuttle panel pronto! If anyone is able to help me out that would be epic!
  4. Connor Bowden

    CB’s Green Ke70

    Well Big G turns out your right, it’ll be easier to buy another panel. this ones been beaten before. And it will be cheaper in the long run to buy a good one haha!
  5. Connor Bowden

    CB’s Green Ke70

    Oops, pics didn’t postr
  6. Connor Bowden

    CB’s Green Ke70

    I can’t paint while the weather is junk like it is at the moment so I picked up a grinder. Dads got a mig. Gives me something to do until the sun comes out haha
  7. Connor Bowden

    CB’s Green Ke70

    Piss poor lighting but here she is under my carport. Red guard is to be repaired first and foremost. Panels to come off, be sanded and primed with acryllic primer. Panels then to be re-installed and sanded flat so the car is flat, then time to paint green
  8. Connor Bowden

    CB’s Green Ke70

    And so here it is on the trailer!! Turns out it’s missing front glass and probably a few small things. Again something I’ll figure out on assembly. After a couple of pull overs and engine fiddling on the surging 22r , we made some minor modification to the return fuel line, possibly bypassing it, allowing us to safely make the trip. It on the trailer now and on our way home! Big smiles on this guys face ->
  9. Connor Bowden

    CB’s Green Ke70

    Yeah, I was looking at that car, it was the original car that I looked at but the guy ignored all my messages, I gave him a low-ball offer which wasn't good for me to do as I hadn't researched what they were really worth... so it only makes sense to me that he thought I was being a jerk, but when looked into it and decided to be serious about he ignored my messages. That said, it looks to me like it is still missing a lot of stuff too. I guess I'll find out when it comes to assembly haha! at least has pretty much all of its parts as far as I am aware & a working engine :). I think when the ke70 becomes my daily, I'll start looking at the 10 again as a project.
  10. Connor Bowden

    CB’s Green Ke70

    Yeah I believe it does, just missing a couple of nuts and bolts. Although 1 panned was missing but I’ve already sourced it. It will be acrylic base with 2 pack clear. I’d rather both 2 pack but I’m doing it on the cheap and acrylic is what I have haha! I considered acrylic clear to keep it the same but I’d rather the hardness of 2 pack. Unfortunately we were all ready to go on Monday night and we jumped in the Pajero Tuesday morning and the Brake Controller faulted permantely locking on the brakes of dads trailer. Found a mate however who is happy have a plug and play kit wired into his Hilux and we will be heading down to the Gold Coast on Saturday. Fingers crossed for some better weather as well.
  11. Connor Bowden

    CB’s Green Ke70

    So it’s finally time and tomorrow morning I’m travelling to the goldy to pick up my Ke70 project. It’s currently in pieces and has already had rust cut out and fixed up so the first thing that I plan to do to it, is strip it fully and begin paintworks. As a tribute to my first ever car, I have decided to paint it green :O My dearly beloved Toyota Lexcen, bought for $50 off the back of a mates swamp and done up as a replica HSV SV5000 commo (but with SV89 body kit, go figure), was sadly written off after a very intimate encounter with a roo. So to revive some of my dearest memories I decided to paint my new Toyota in the same colour. Now, I haven’t painted in 6 years but nonetheless it’s something I can’t wait to do again. Pics of Ke70 to come tomorrow. Ps. Me painting green when I was 14. Ha. That rhymed. Painter and a Poet.
  12. Connor Bowden

    WTB Ke70 flat front drivers guard. FOUND

    Yeah gave up on the ke10 for now, figured out I probably don’t have the budget for it at the moment as they are bit more expensive to get going. Once I pick up the car I’ll get photos on and a thread started, literally just need the one panel, the rest of the car is there and I already have that 4K I bought originally to put in the ke10. Hope to get it on the road quick as that was my obstacle for a Ke10. Mainly pressure because my daily is going to run out of rego soonish. Rather get the ke70 on the road before busting another 6 months on a commo.
  13. Hey guys, so I put a deposit on a ke70 it’s primed up with rust removed and is going to need work on the paint straight away, but it’s missing a front drivers guard. its a flat face so I need a flat face guard. I’m on the Sunny Coast QLD, Thanks heaps in advance!
  14. Connor Bowden

    WTB Ke10

    Ok thanks, I do already have a running 4K with 4spd. But yeah waiting seems like a good idea at the moment.
  15. Connor Bowden

    WTB Ke10

    Hey yeah I actually went and saw that one on Saturday night after the first one fell through. Unfortunately a deal was made before I could make one. The ad hasn’t been taken down yet. There is a shell on Facebook for $800 a red thing but has no grill, lights trim, lights, or chrome. I’m just waiting back to hear about the condition of the interior so I can get an outlay of what I need in my head. There was also a pretty complete one on eBay for auction pretty good price but unfortunately I just don’t have the resource to be able to go pick it up. It’s in south NSW