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  1. WTB Ke70 flat front drivers guard.

    Yeah gave up on the ke10 for now, figured out I probably don’t have the budget for it at the moment as they are bit more expensive to get going. Once I pick up the car I’ll get photos on and a thread started, literally just need the one panel, the rest of the car is there and I already have that 4K I bought originally to put in the ke10. Hope to get it on the road quick as that was my obstacle for a Ke10. Mainly pressure because my daily is going to run out of rego soonish. Rather get the ke70 on the road before busting another 6 months on a commo.
  2. WTB Ke70 flat front drivers guard.

    Hey guys, so I put a deposit on a ke70 it’s primed up with rust removed and is going to need work on the paint straight away, but it’s missing a front drivers guard. its a flat face so I need a flat face guard. I’m on the Sunny Coast QLD, Thanks heaps in advance!
  3. WTB Ke10

    Ok thanks, I do already have a running 4K with 4spd. But yeah waiting seems like a good idea at the moment.
  4. WTB Ke10

    Hey yeah I actually went and saw that one on Saturday night after the first one fell through. Unfortunately a deal was made before I could make one. The ad hasn’t been taken down yet. There is a shell on Facebook for $800 a red thing but has no grill, lights trim, lights, or chrome. I’m just waiting back to hear about the condition of the interior so I can get an outlay of what I need in my head. There was also a pretty complete one on eBay for auction pretty good price but unfortunately I just don’t have the resource to be able to go pick it up. It’s in south NSW
  5. WTB Ke10

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a Ke10 to start as my project car. I have an engine, but no car. So whilst I am still interested in cars that have motors, I'd prefer a shell with its bits and pieces if you have one. Located on Sunny Coast in QLD and will struggle to get interstate but will still think about offers outside QLD. Connor
  6. Hi I'm Connor and I'm buying an empty Ke10

    Thanks mate! Hoping to pickup a 4K 4 speed on Saturday as well but waiting to hear back from the seller. Will need a lot of hand building her up! Thanks for the info! I’ll jump over there and start one up when I get the pics. Fun times ahead!
  7. Hi Rollaclub! First of all thanks for having me! My name's Connor, I'm 21 years old and I live on the Sunny Coast of Qld, Australia. This Saturday I am purchasing myself a little 69' Ke10 Corolla with no engine or box and missing a few other parts. It has been a dream of mine for a while now to own one of these and it will be my first ever project car. I hope it to end up as my daily driver. So as a corolla noob, and having only ever doing oil changes and installing a radiator in my stock v6 commo, I'm going to need a lot of help. So my first question is, where should I start? I will have photos up on Saturday. Thanks so much in advance! ~Connor