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Found 3 results

  1. Got the first stage of the Gorilla done, 4 link rear end, shortened Hilux Diff with ford axles and disc brakes, coarse adjustable inverted watts link, adjustable sway bar, in a KE55. The plan with the car is to build a bit of an all rounder, as we don't get enough drag racing, or track racing here to specialise in one or the other. I'm building it so that I can adjust bars/springs change wheels and tyres and have a bit of fun any chance I get. A bit like a track car that I can get to hook up at the strip. Has been 2 years to get this far, but slow progress is still progress! I have a Commodore K-frame sitting on the floor in the shed, and I've heard that they can be put into a KE55 but I can't find any information about it. All the searching I've done has turned up fruitless though, anyone heard of it being done? I would like to use it as it would give me easy access to the commodore aftermarket in terms of brakes, struts, springs etc, and it gives me a rack and pinion steering making a 1uz so much easier to fit.
  2. I want the most badass, ratty rat rod corolla wagon ever. Do you think I could fit a 1uz in my 1979 Corolla wagon? I know a jz wouldn't fit, it's too long, but a 1uz is shorter right? I may be crazy but...yeah no I'm crazy.. Help me complete my dreams. Haters will be ignored.
  3. So I bought a Triumph 2500 about 12 months ago. The story the seller gave me was that an older guy put the engine and gearbox (Leyland 4.4L V8 with a Celica 5 speed) in it about 8 years ago with the intention of entering it in Targa Adelaide, but he died before he could finish the project. His son then used it as a daily and left it ungaraged with leaky windscreens and between sun, water and cigarette/bong smoke, the interior was pretty much destroyed. The seller had bought it to take to mallanats but had other projects so never got around to it. He claims the diff was broken when he got it so he got a new one from the wreckers. Guessing it has been used for skids at some point. Didn't get any photos before I started working on it, but here's some near the start:
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