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  1. Sorry for the late reply.

    Yes it is still for sale.

    Make me an offer I can not refuss.

    Please send reply to 

    [email protected]


  2. Anyone still making front spoiler and bolt on flares for a KE35? Cheers, Aaron
  3. I just pulled down a 4K and it has the combustion chamber is in the piston. What modle Corolla had this type of 4K? This is the first time my father and I have found a motor like this. Any help would be great. Aaron
  4. YES There is a KE35 on Gumtree with factory A\C and there is a semi complete system on e\bay for sale asking $400 +. To install around a day with no hang ups to some one who knows what they are doing.
  5. My father used an XD ford throttle cable on he's rally car.Just made a bracket out of ally for adjustment.Bolted up the same as the original.
  6. Try taking the fuel cap off and try starting it. If it starts check the pipe to the carbon box.as it might be blocked. Also could be a problem with the fuel cap.
  7. Chasing the part number and Toyota number off a 5k gear type starter motor. I would like to use it on my 4k Can anyone help? Cheers Aaron
  8. Thanks’ fellows I’ll investigate further
  9. Is it possible to put 5k crank, rod and pistons into a 4k block
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