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  1. yes thats me :P (catch can isnt smoking anymore!)
  2. Thanks guys for the help, I've been looking around for Borg Warner diff, however they're from cars beside ke70s. Should I stay away from them or will they bolt up as well?
  3. I took the catch can out and hosed it down, so I think I cleaned it pretty well. What do you recommend I should do? Am I not supposed to take out the catch can because of the air filter?
  4. Could you tell me what's wrong with the airfilter and why it would need a catch can?
  5. Thanks guys for the help, so if get rid of the catch can, do I do the following? Ie: take the catch can out and put the hose where the arrow is? (where the other catch can hose was going)
  6. Just did some research, most of the causes of blowby is through the piston rings? Is there any other reasons as to what causes blowby?
  7. Hi tojo thanks for your reply. Could you explain what you mean by, S, T, U? and from what I've been told by the previous owner, the ke70 has a t50 gearbox, will any of the standard Borg Warner bolt up with the the drives haft?
  8. Hey guys again! I had a look at my differential, I'm just wondering if any if you guys know what it is, and what I should be looking for as a replacement . I heard I had a t18 diff which should have 10 bolts, however this diff has 8. Any help would be awesome!
  9. Hey guys update on the catch can, I empty all the residue in the catch can put it back in. However it's still smoking! Does anyone know what else could cause this issue? I recorded a clip of it, I'll put the link up when I upload it on YouTube. Thanks guys!! Here's the video!
  10. Thank you pete once again for your help. I actually bought a set of stock ke70 lower control arms and steering arms. I could just replace the xt130 with the ones i bought right?
  11. Hi guys, i have a question with regards to my ke70. When i purchased my ke70, it already had a 3t motor and a t50 5 speed gearbox, the car has a locked diff and cut and shut knuckles. I was hoping to replace these 2 to there stock form. I was just wondering what type of diff will i need to get for this setup and as well as the steering arms, will stock ke70 steering arms fit? Thanks in advance for the help.
  12. thanks LittleRedSpirit for sharing your info, could i just confirm, are steering knuckles and steering arms the same? Nevertheless ill start with replacing the steering arms to a stock ke70 steering arm first. Also, If i were to get a AE86 steering arm, does it just bolt straight on?
  13. Thanks once again parrot for your help, really appreciate it. So what youre saying is, by replacing the steering arms, i would see less stiffness in the steering wheel?
  14. While i was driving back home with my ke70, one thing i noticed was tight the steering wheel was! I understand it has no power steering but I'm not sure if this is normal. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it, but the car has cut and shut knuckles (which I'm not too familiar with). Is there any reason as to why my steering wheel feels really tight? is this with most ke70's? Thanks once again, any help would be awesome
  15. Thanks parrot for your help once again! ill definitely empty the canister and hopefully it wont smoke up any more.
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