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  1. where i live it is hard to come by early ke20 parts, or ke20 parts at all. Thats why I'm asking for ke30 springs. They are much easier to find around here
  2. HMm. Could i just use a later leaf and make a sleeve? I have heard people mention This solution But don't know if it is doable
  3. Thank you for the reply. What is the different in the early and later ke25 leafs`?? Are the bushing in the front bigger? or hole in the bushing bigger?? Not possible to use late leaf on early car without cut and weld?? No one here knows if ke30 leafs fit??
  4. Does leaf spring from any other toyota fit my 71 ke25? Does it fit from a ke36?
  5. Hello. Is the leaf springs on ke25 the same as ke20? Are there any other toyota i can use leaf springs from on My ke25?
  6. Hello:) I'm currently building a ke25 with a 2tg turbo engine. I will use a t293 Axle from a te71gt. But This is wider then the ke25 Axle. So My question is, Do i have to run flares or will i be able to tuck some wheels under the fender? Question 2: Does anyone know if air shocks are available for This car? quation 3: Does a ke20 fuel tank fit the ke25?:)
  7. i have a ta12 parts car that I'm gonna take the rear axle and put on my ke25. But does any frontsuspension parts fit? When swapping rear axle the boltpattern changes so i need to change on the front aswell. Would be easy if anything fits from the ta12 since i have everything
  8. i hope i can get away with modifying the sump. Gonna post some pictures when i start test fitting and modifying parts,
  9. i guess people wont like this but.. Volvo engine :o
  10. Have anyone here made custom draglink in ke20/25? i want do see some pictures. I need to lower mine or make a custom one in my ke25 because of the engine I'm putting in. Clearance issues. I'm looking for some tips and tricks
  11. Still need help on how to remove the door chrome trim? :D
  12. What engine options do i have for mye ke25? i don't want any steering og firewall cutting or modification. i can make engine and trans mounts myself. been looking for a 4age but hard to find or very expensive. also wamt a turbo engine :D it doesnt need to be a toyota engine.
  13. thanks. the chrome under the rear side window i removed last night. undid the nuts but all the clips on the chrome was gone because of rust. i have not tried the door trim yet. I'm afraid to break it :)
  14. How to i get this chrome trim off?
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