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  1. Hi,been a while... Question....How do you remove the little Clip on the window winder? as I have this 'Clunk" sound every time I turn a corner sounds like something loose and hits the window inside the Driver-side door? I got this u shaped tool from Supacheap...but I can't get it.. is there a trick or special way to get it out ?( I pulled eveything else off but this pin)
  2. Hey Banjo...Thanks, If you don't end up swapping it...I'll buy it off ya,...oh sorry just read the whole post...ok next weekend then...
  3. Hey.quick question..does anyone make a rear louvre for the ke55 coupe? or is it a Wrecker I should try?...just a wrecker one would be pretty sun damaged and brittle I reckon...oh..some pics of the pinstripe repair..think they went a bit over board...
  4. Hey, Fishoiled/spray greased the doors today,and in the process of replacing the plastic liners on the door frames....any idea what would be a good glue to attach them with? ,I was going to go with Silicone,any better ideas? (don't want to hard cement them on thats all.)
  5. well I had a good look on the net,miss one on ebay last month....so if anyone sees one,maybe they can give me a heads up...my 'Gran Toyrolla' awaits.ta
  6. Hey me again,so the Coupe never had a Passenger side mirror? as there are no mounting holes for one...really miss that mirror... any other options/ ideas around drilling into the car ? I see there's one on Dumbtree ,so could buy that one and bite the bullet...
  7. Ok you got me.....all I know it's a 1.2 litre? and auto 3 speed....It's got attitude as well just to impress me it today....it spat the muffler off..Mac Muffler's at Geebung did a great job and.now it's real quiet with the gentle purring of the Tappets...
  8. Cool ' Granny Spec' that made me laugh....yeah wont be fittin a grey 202 init just yet....and found some 3mm strip at SuperCreep
  9. Hello everybody, Just wanted to say ;HI' as I joined up after I acquired my new ride ,the Mighty '79 KE 55 Coupe....so I'll be asking questions,hope they don't sound too dumb for example....where do you buy that pinstripe? I gotta replace a piece ,(tried a piece of black tape but too dark,see pic) or is it best to replace the whole thing....next Seat covers? do all similar ones fit? say from Autobarn or specific ones the go....just going to make it stock Thanks
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