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  1. thanks guys, didn't know it was the same as a KE55! I edited the OP> Sorry SatNav, haven't had to take the whole dash out so unfortunately can't give you any pointers on that.
  2. Try Scotts Old Auto Rubber (Oakleigh). I haven't had to use them just yet, but he has quite an extensive selection of auto rubbers & seals and I'd say if he doesn't have them it's highly likely he'd know someone who can get them. Let us know how you go.
  3. Hi All, Couldn't find any other threads on this so thought I might start a thread with a run down of how to remove and install/replace a­­ dash pad from a KE30 (edit: my car is a late KE30 which means it's the same as a KE55 Dash) because it can be a real b!tch. Sorry it's a bit long Time to remove: approx 1.5 hrs Time to install: approx 1hr But it will vary depending on your dexterity & care taken (I tend to be a bit slow so more than likely times will be less) You'll need: Ratchet 10mm socket 12mm deep socket 2 x phillips head screw driver (one stubby) Patience (Optional) torch flex ratchet extension + Phillips head driver little dental mirror thingy You might be able to skip some steps like removing the radio and it's light but to be honest it takes two seconds and it'll save you a world of pain. I also figured I would undo the hidden screws last for removal and for installation put them in first as the dash is loose and it's easier to get the screws in/out when you can jiggle the dash about. REMOVAL Step 1: Remove Glove Box Remove screws and latches as shown: Gently pop out the glove box. They're made out of flimsy flocked egg cartons so it doesn't take much to wreck it. If you push upwards underneath at the rear of the glove box it should come fairly easily. After you've removed the glove box here's what's left to unscrew: Step 2: Remove remaining visible screws (red) on dash Step 3: Remove instrument panel fascia Pull off radio knobs (4 parts total) and use the12mm deep socket to undo the two thin hex nuts & gently push out fascia. Disconnect the cigarette lighter and remove the fascia. Step 4: Remove radio & hex nuts (blue) Remove the 3 Radio bracket screws (see above pic), disconnect the radio andremove it. Dismount the light above the radio, it should pop out and give you better access to the hex nut behind it. Remove hex nuts. Step 5: Remove 2 hidden screws (yellow) You will need either the stubby phillips or the flex extension + phillips head driver + ratchet or both. Make sure you use the correct size Phillips head because these are self tappers into plastic and are super tight. Also make sure you're undoing them because it's easy to get jumbled when you're unscrewing from the otherside! The screw near the cigarette lighter shouldn't be too bad, if you put your head in the foot well it's easily visible. Here's where it's located (dash already removed in pic): The screw behind the passenger air vent is the real killer. Make sure you're undoing the screw inthe middle. The two either side are for the air passage and in mine were even harder to remove and irrelevant so I didn't waste time on them. But if you're feeling adventurous and you can get them undone it might be worthwhile removing the air channel so you have more room. Step 6: Remove dash pad (YAY!) INSTALLATION: Pretty much reverse of removal with some additional steps: Step 1: Install hidden screws To make things a little easier I screwed in these 2 screws all the way into their positions once without the dash in ­place to remove a bit more of the plastic. My screws were really tight and even after doing this they were still plenty tight. If yours is loose you don't need to bother. Put dash pad roughly into position and install hidden screws Continually check the tightness of your nuts/screws as you go as they will have more room to screw in as you gradually align the dash to the rest of the car. It also means you can minimise any annoying rattles/creaks from loose parts. Step 2: Install Hex nuts, radio light and radio Step 3: Install instrument panel fascia Step 4: Install remaining screws Step 5: Install glove box Latch: (Step 6 only if replacing dash): Gloat about your dash. DONE!
  4. Roll up roll up! For sale 1 x Centre console lovingly pwn'd from a KE55 (My bad! Thanks for the correction Bamboo, sorry to get anyone's hopes up!) automatic. $15! Would prefer you to pick it up but will deliver if convenient. It's in good nick, just a bit grubby. Slight round blemish on one of the top surfaces and a hairline crack on the passenger side.
  5. soyboy


    Awesome site Rx-747, have actually been searching for a site like this... Just got my motorbike L's and was hoping for some twisties to practice on.
  6. oh [email protected] sorry guys, didn't see that post! nevermind...
  7. Monday night: On North Road in Brighton East, near the Hawthorn Road intersection, out front of the cemetery there was a white KE20 for sale, $1000 ONO Panels all looked very straight, don't remember seeing any major dents. Bumpers looked pretty straight too from memory. Minor rust here and there, massive rust patch on drivers side on the quarter panel just in front of the door. Was dark so didn't do a proper check and not sure whether it's parked there regularly or not, but wouldn't hurt to swing past if you're in the area and are looking for one. If anyone is interested I took a photo on my phone of the rust, and also of the phone number to reach them on, PM me if you want details.
  8. the front lips look like a giant butt.
  9. so it turns out there was originally a Sharpie'd Lamborghini which inspired him... there's also some pretty whack mods if you click through some of the links on that site, like a maserati covered in glass and a knitted ferrari...
  10. soyboy


    sorry to breathe life into an older post, but in response to the Original Post, there's a Cressida Limo on Nice Price or Crack Pipe
  11. *le sigh* - what mine looked like before some thieving scum broke into my car and stole it and stuffed up my centre console... looks awesome mate! you did a great job :D
  12. there was a overrated ke70 dash in centre road wreckers on Friday
  13. saw this on failblog today and thought of this thread:
  14. spotted a yellow ke35(?) out the back of Antonio Park in Mitcham turning west onto the Maroondah Hwy yesterday after cruise around 5pm... thought maybe it was you pozman?
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