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  1. G'Day.

    Just wondering if you have or know where I can get my hands on a KE55 Diff for a raod car?


  2. hi was it a bonnet strip your after anything else

  3. The thickness of the disc is the same as an original brake drum so track and wheel fitup wont be affected, but with the 300mm discs you have to run 15in wheels
  4. PM,d I think they fit all hilux diffs
  5. Just brackets $60 or recoed R31 skyline calipers, new pads, new 300mm dba discs, all hoses, bolts, clips, brackets, everything you need to bolt and go $600, add $200 for new handbrake cables but you could possibly make up yourself, you need 15in wheels for these but i can do a 4 x 114 with 260mm discs for about the same, these will take 14in wheels
  6. Good thinking, but 1600cc 2 stroke making 350kw maybe, How about barrel valves
  7. I'm not going to do it, i don't think its possible to get enough air in to get there, BUT with enough revs the right fuel ????
  8. WOW good porting thats quicker than a XY GTHO
  9. The rules for this are, no $ rev or capacity limit just 7psi and it has to be 4a based, i don't think you could get enough air in to produce that horespower
  10. i don't think you could get enough fuel in with injectors, i'm thinking when the chamber is fully compressed it will be a third full of fuel, same as a top fuel car
  11. so we don't clog up someone elses thread is this achievable, before you laugh have a think and come up with a thought on how to make this possible, My thoughts, TO4Z garrett mechanical fuel injection nitro methane for fuel 35% fuel to air mixture 18/1 compression ratio cams, valves, springs, ports, pistons, rods, crank, to allow for about 20000rpm i think you would need about 350kw flywheel to achieve this possible or not?
  12. Hilux is the only diff option to handle this sort of power, what gearbox are you running
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