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  1. Its been a while between posts. I can still get these but its a 2-3 month wait due to shipping delays because of world issues. Contact details are in the original post.
  2. Price updated in the first post seeing as I'm starting to get more requests for these again.
  3. Just letting you all know that yes, these are still 100% available, but the price has obviously increased which I will confirm with potential buyers prior to sourcing them. If you need to contact me, Facebook is probably going to the best way via my Black Raven Motorsport page. :)
  4. Its been a while. I've had her for 7 years now.....long long time. Here is a recent image! I'd love to get myself back into a KE25 one day, but they are few and far between now unfortunately.
  5. Thanks Dave. I try my best. :) Always toying with the camera. Should have some sweet night shots soon.
  6. Price has been updated in the original post for anyone that is still chasing one of these. Cheers Mick
  7. Hey guys and girls I'm not really active on here these days, but if you do send me a PM, rarely get an email about it. The best way to contact me these days is via my Facebook page where I collate all my photography and parts sales under the one page. https://www.facebook.com/BlackRavenMotorsport/ Best to message me there. Cheers Mick
  8. 1986 AE82 Toyota Corolla CS Sedan Genuine 61,000km Full service history with owners manual/service book from Toyota Immobiliser Automatic Dealer fitted cold air-conditioning (regassed 1 year ago) New battery Recently replaced radiator, radiator cap, water pump Timing belt has been changed Exterior and interior are in excellent condition for the age of the vehicle Uncracked dash (comes with a dash mat, not pictured) Factory tool kit still in the boot along with the original steel wheel spare tyre Drives extremely well No rust in the car at all The bad: Boot spring rods have broken and missing brackets (common issue, have seen this on a few sedans now). Can easily be fixed by making up some new brackets, but have been using a plastic piece of pipe to prop up the bootlid when using the boot. Regrettable sale, but needs a new home. Can be inspected from 9th March onwards. $3500 o.n.o Price drop - $3000 ono
  9. If I had a dollar for every time I've been asked this.....i'd have about $30. :P Unfortunately they don't do KE3x dash pads as the TE27 was and is a cult car in Japan.
  10. I have the TRD bible in paper copy. ;)
  11. Finally going to part with the remaining corolla items I have as I'm cleaning out the shed. Tail lights Surrounds Boot Garnish Reflector Will NOT separate. $750 ono + post.
  12. I sold my old 25 to Rigoli Racing. Seems this is it.
  13. As those who have paid know, there is a delay, which is the 20th of October before supply is available. So a week to go! Anyone else who is after one, shoot me a PM. Cheers Mick
  14. I generally like to keep all my contacts in the one place, that's why I use the PM system on here, but I'll make an exception this once. I'll shoot through bank details tonight. Cheers Mick
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