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  1. Its been a while. I've had her for 7 years now.....long long time. Here is a recent image! I'd love to get myself back into a KE25 one day, but they are few and far between now unfortunately.
  2. I have the TRD bible in paper copy. ;)
  3. I sold my old 25 to Rigoli Racing. Seems this is it.
  4. So I recruited one of the mechanics at work today to put the camber and toe arms in. Now I just need to get the wheel alignment done tomorrow night and all shall be sweet!
  5. Yup, what Indelible said. Tomei M8280 Arms Kit. My Hard-Race arms rocked up today too. Very well made!
  6. How much power are you making? They suggest when going to Japan for drifting as an example, you'll go through 1-2 sets in a day. So if thats the case, I'd be taking at least 3 pairs of rims for the rear and maybe a set for the front if you tend to scrub tyres quick due to massive amounts of negative camber. This is a 10/10 after all. I'll have to come out and watch and take the new camera out with me. :)
  7. I don't usually post on here these days, but how about a remote reservoir and a compact brake master cylinder? Clicketh Hereth for compact brake master cylinder as an example.
  8. And an update, I still have the banner. Who wants it or shoud I hang onto it until such a time as you guys organise a club display somewhere?
  9. You'd only ever get the front suspension to work as a coil-over setup seeing as the rear end is leaf-sprung. With a lot of engineering you could fabricate something to work in the rear but the amount of reinforcement required to handle rear coil-overs would exceed the cost of the car by a heap, so not really worth it. I'd stick with lowered captive springs in the front, decent shock absorbers all around and get the rear leaf-spring eyes inverted to drop the height a little.
  10. http://www.geocities.ws/MotorCity/Pit/9975/tm_index.html - I was told to try this site. Hopefully it has whatever it is you're looking for on your specific model. :)
  11. VIN's weren't recorded until 1988 in Australia. The only way he's going to be able to find something is through an old service manual that Toyota has or something to that effect. Unfortunately, there isnt a lot to go on, BUT, I have someone I can ask regarding KE1x info. He might be able to scan me a few brochures or point me in the direction that you need to go. I'll see what I can do. :)
  12. PM Soulsearcher, she had a whole lot of issues with hers before she sold it and can give you the rundown on what will need replacing.
  13. Still yet to catch up with you matey :) Looking good though, should come around for a look at some point, just have to dig out your mobile number from my PM's.
  14. Could just email Christian @ Iron Chef Imports as to when he thinks it will be on.... thats the smart thing to do anyway :P
  15. Refer to post #94 for the dyno sheet champ :) Bit late to reply I know haha.
  16. One word - Unique. Look forward to seeing the finished product. :)
  17. From memory the new LED light housing is made by Philips but the globe is made by someone in the US of A.
  18. Just to rectify some of your information there Mr. Altezza, the legal Kelvin rating for any globe in Australia is 4200K, 4300K is white light but also not ADR-approved. The reason for this is the higher the kelvin rating, the bluer the light and the spectrum of light that is produced is not visible to the human eye and this is interpreted as less light on the road, it has nothing to do with blinding oncoming traffic. I've dealt with selling headlight globes to the general public for the past 4 years. Cheers Mick
  19. Should be interesting to come out to an event and have a watch Steve :)
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