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  1. ke20/ke25 early/late model panels 1 x early bonnet $300 1 x late bonnet $400 1 x early guard set $300 1 x late guard set $300 1 x early grill $200 Would require some work on most panels so suitable for repaint to match Price negotiable Doors ke25 left and right $200ea Location Brisbane Northside Pm me for further info / ph number
  2. Motor can make different power curves and top end depending on camshaft profile, there's diminishing power under the curve as top end increases... Also increasing top end will move the powerband up the rpm range and gear ratios would need tightening to suit... Look as far as I could predict theres potential to double factory hp at the top end but driveability is the compromise... Depends on what you want to use it for with camshaft to suit, it was built with that in mind, the be adaptable with reliability.
  3. It's "13" Got shallow combustion chambers, just resurfaced no excessive skimming/decking from what I can see. From my k knowledge its application would be short stroke 3k std bore high comp 12:1 static big race cam approx 300 deg so dynamic compression ends up the required 8.5:1 approx with a mandatory extensive combustion chamber reshaping (removal of material) to lower the compression down from what would have been 14:1 static before and deshroud bigger valves if used. Additional compression lowering adjustments would be in a slightly thicker headgasket. Powerband 3000-8000rpm. That's my understanding of it , either use in a std 5k with the std 5k dished pistons or modify to suit a 3k with std flat top pistons. No excessive overbore in the 3k as it would raise the compression too much. The only concern is piston to valve clearance in the 3k application with a big cam which could be addressed with piston valve reliefs, they would also help to lower compression just have to check your piston crown thickness to see if they suit. Could be the go for your setup but it's gonna be a very lumpy cam with high rpm and top end hp. This is where you start to need a close ratio gearbox so you don't drop out of band on shifts but can be used with a std gearbox just might be a bit slower due to the predicted dropping out of band between shifts. That's my thoughts anyway as far as this head application goes in the k motor world...
  4. Used so could do with a rebuild kit (cheap and avaliable) $500 Brisbane
  5. 5k head Std rebuild clean, valve guides, valve regrind, springs and shims etc... Basic head no rocker gear $300 Brisbane
  6. 2tg Standard motor 261 head EFI Microtech ECU and big extractors 1600 (1588cc) Pickup Brisbane
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